5 Ways to Impress Your Boss During the Holiday Season

As Christmas draws near, you and your colleagues are probably more focused on long vacations than on the documents on your desks. But now’s your chance to stand out from the crowd. Instead of playing the party animal, keep your wits about you and remember that your higher-ups are still counting on you to do your job. In fact, because so many people slack off at this time of year, maintaining a high level of efficiency and professionalism will help you get noticed. Plus, maintain this attitude throughout the rest of the year, and a raise or promotion is sure to be headed your way.

To help you out, here are a few things that you can do to earn positive karma points with your boss.


5 Ways To Impress Your Boss During The Holidays

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1. Be on time.

As your body instinctively slows down in anticipation of the holidays, avoid the temptation to snuggle back into bed, which may result in tardiness. Keep your usual routine and clock in well before your shift. Although others may think punctuality is overrated, it’s one of those little things that your boss takes note of.


5 Ways To Impress Your Boss During The Holidays

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2. Spearhead holiday activities.

If your HR department doesn’t have much planned for Christmas, it may be a good idea to stir up something of your own. Plan a simple yet fun holiday get-together for your team with crazy themes that your office mates will love. Your initiatives may help make your leadership qualities and organizational skills shine.


5 Ways To Impress Your Boss During The Holidays

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3. Get work done in early anticipation of Christmas slump.

The holidays basically eat up the latter part of December, which means a lot of work will be left unattended until the following year. In order to avoid backlog, tick as many items as you can off your task list, and if you have the time, take it a notch higher and finish things in advance. This way, you’ll make your and your boss’ lives easier by getting a head start when the new year rolls in.


5 Ways To Impress Your Boss During The Holidays

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4. Cover for those on leave.

If you’re not planning to file for a leave in the days before the 24th of December or between Christmas and New Year, then do your best to cover for those who’ll be out. Not only will your colleagues be grateful for your efforts, but your boss will also see you as a responsible team player.


5 Ways To Impress Your Boss During The Holidays

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5. Stay focused.

In one scene in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, Andy asks her boss, Miranda, if she needs her to do anything else for her, and Miranda answers “Your job.” The bottom line is that doing your job and doing it properly is what can impress your chief the most. Especially during the holidays, when everybody’s thinking about all-nighter celebrations, having the focus and the drive to be productive is something really notable. But don’t play Employee of the Month just to get your boss’ thumbs-up—do it because you know that you and your team can benefit from the best you have to offer.

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