5 Ways Lemon Water Keeps You Healthy

Trying to get fit? You’re probably trying all sorts of exercises. Jogging, yoga, curl ups, zumba—you name it. You don’t become healthy through physical activities alone, however. With the addition of a proper diet, staying healthy and fit shouldn’t be a problem. So what else can you do to keep your body in good shape? Here’s one thing we learned does a world of good: Drink warm lemon water every morning. Not only does it add variety and flavor to your water (which many don’t drink enough of because they consider it “boring”), but it also solves many health issues in your life. Not convinced? Keep reading to learn about the ways lemon water amps up your health.

Image by Yasser Abusen via Flickr Creative Commons

Image by Yasser Abusen via Flickr Creative Commons

1. It aids your digestion.

Do you feel constipated? Do you feel the urge to belch often? If so, you most likely have problems with your digestion. Lemon mixed with warm water reduces bloating because it contains vitamins and minerals that stimulate your digestive organs to increase their pace. It becomes alkaline when digested, balancing acidity levels and preventing acid reflux, and it dissolves toxins and deposits that clog your intestines, liver, kidney, making it an effective natural detox.


2. It keeps you hydrated

Your workouts or even just your day-to-day activities may drain your fluids and make you dehydrated. Drinking lemon water is a better alternative to sports drinks and other liquids. It replenishes your body fluids, preventing fevers, difficulties in breathing, palpitations, stress, constipation, heart attacks, and other effects of dehydration.

Image by go_nils via Flickr Creative Commons

Image by go_nils via Flickr Creative Commons

3. It boosts your immune system

You will less likely catch diseases when you drink warm lemon water. It’s rich in vitamin C, which raises your body’s defenses against immune system deficiencies. It also helps prevent the growth and spread of disease-causing bacteria.


4. Cuts your calories

Lemon water is a better alternative than most other types of flavored drinks if you’re watching your weight. It boosts your metabolism and contributes to weight loss. It contains pectin fiber, which reduces sugar and fats that your body absorb. A study showed that pectin in lemons keeps hunger at bay for four hours so you’ll avoid overeating.

It’s also rich in vitamin C. Researchers noted that people with low vitamin C levels burned less fat during exercise and vice versa. It also serves as an alternative to calorie-filled drinks. Health buffs note that a 1/2-ounce serving of raw lemon juice has only 3 calories per serving and less than 1/4 gram of fat.

Image by Riedelmeier via Pixabay

Image by Riedelmeier via Pixabay

5. It’s food for your skin

Drink warm lemon water if you’re looking for beauty solutions to maintain your youthful appearance as it’s a natural anti-aging remedy. Rich in antioxidants, it flushes out toxins that cause wrinkles and blemishes in your skin. Health experts noted that polyphenols in lemons decrease free radical activity and prevent skin cancer and other diseases.


Regardless if you have stomach, skin, or weight problems and other health issues, warm lemon water can reduce, if not eliminate their effects. Start your day with a glass of water filled with half a lemon’s juice. Wait a few weeks, and you’ll see the difference.

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