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5 Reasons to Catch This Weekend’s The Gourmand Market

5 Reasons to Catch This Weekend’s The Gourmand Market

It’s the Gourmand Market’s third time at Bonifacio High Street this year, and we dropped by to see what’s worth tasting and seeing this time around. A feast for the taste buds, eyes, and more, the market again has a scrumptious food and lifestyle selection, where everything is beautifully styled. Here are five reasons why you should drop by the Gourmand Market this weekend:

Witty signs in beautiful calligraphy are strewn around the market.
Witty signs in beautiful calligraphy are strewn all over the market.

1. You get to do some serious dessert-tasting, with the market debuting new creations by established brands.

Modern Filipina--The Gourmand Market 3
Some of Sonja’s new items debuted at The Gourmand Market.

There are very interesting and tasty items like Larcy’s Cupcakery Café’s new Belgian Chocolate Cake topped with Cream Cheese and Belgian Chocolate Frosting with a shot of Jack Daniel’s. Not to be outdone, Cupcakes by Sonja is also debuting their “crupcake”—a combo of cupcakes and croissants. Crowd-pleasers like Don Churro and Bucky’s are also there to satisfy your sweet tooth.

 2. Get healthy with all-natural and organic food options.

Modern Filipina--The Gourmand Market 6
Find a variety of organic items at The Gourmand Market.

The Gourmand Market is also a great place to find natural food items. Market regular Snackbox is there again, with items like their brownie crunch with flax seed and fiber, made available in their adorable carton boxes or mason jars. There’s also Cocogreen which offers plant-based whole foods, and Green Babes, which sells organic food items like eggs, laing, and pesto.

3. Immerse yourself in a wonderful ambience, complete with live music.

Modern Filipina--The Gourmand Market 7
Diners enjoying the atmosphere of the market.

There’s a live band that plays music from artists like Coldplay and The Killers. There’s also instrumental music that wafts through the market, as gourmands partake in their eats in areas dotted by sparkling hanging lights at night.

4. Indulge your inner tita and buy décor for your home, or even plants and flowers.

Modern Filipina--The Gourmand Market 2
Some of the lifestyle finds at The Gourmand Market.

There are kiosks selling plants and flowers, as well as beautiful items for the home from various parts of the Philippines.

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5. Partake in some of the best gourmet food offerings from around the country.

Modern Filipina--The Gourmand Market 8
Delicious gourmet offerings are perfect for your main course.

It’s not called The Gourmand Market for nothing.  You can get your lunch or dinner from booths that offer dishes like mushroom cannelloni with truffle oil, or crab paella. While some of these are definitely not cheap, they’re still worth it for the taste, quality, and the experience. Some of your favorite restos also have booths at the Gourmand Market, such as Crisp on 28th, Good Earth, and Wasabi Warriors.

The Gourmand Market is until tomorrow at C1 Park, Bonifacio High Street Central (fronting cinema building). It is open from 11:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

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