5 Types of High Heeled Warriors—Which one are you?

When you hear the word “warrior,” what comes to your mind? Chances are you picture heavy armor, glinting weapons, and boots or gladiator sandals. But high heels—on a warrior? Isn’t that contradictory, you ask?

Not in modern times. These days, the battleground has changed from grassy plains to concrete, metal, and glass buildings and cemented roads. Swords and bows and arrows have turned into ideas, words, and bank accounts. Pillaging barbarians have morphed into suited professionals and the ticking hands of the clock. And warriors, once limited to males, have grown to include females in large numbers—women who stand not just for their families, but for their careers and passions as well.


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High Heeled Warriors may be a term that’s new for us, but it’s a concept that rings true, especially for the Modern Filipina. Spearheaded by NBCUniversal, it’s a revolutionary study of the identities, motivations, and aspirations of Southeast Asian women and how these influence them as consumers. Through the course of this four-year research, they discovered that women could be classified into five personality types—and you’ll see how these manifest in the brands they buy and the shows they watch.

According to NBCUniversal’s Head of Research Henry Robles, the Filipino woman is “confident, optimistic, adventurous to the point of being a risk-taker,” which falls under their Passionista psychographic. Take a look at the personality descriptions below, and see if there’s one that you identify with the most. Are these five High Heeled Warriors represented in your barkada? Let us know in the comments!

1. Heart Warmer

GIF from Parenthood via Tumblr

GIF from Parenthood via Tumblr

The Heart Warmer is loyal and family-oriented, with a caring air about her that draws people in and makes you want to lean on her for comfort. She’s the mommy of the barkada whom everyone loves for her readiness to lend an ear or give words of support—think of the comforting yet encouraging tone Olivia Benson of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit takes with her team. Often, the Heart Warmer is the traditional one in the bunch. During her downtime, she enjoys watching shows geared toward hobbies and home, such as My Kitchen Rules and Clean House, and family-centered reality TV.

2. Trail Blazer

GIF  via Giphy

GIF via Giphy

Queen B’s “Run the World (Girls)” may just be the Trail Blazer’s anthem. She’s the go-getter who’s hungry to make her mark in the world—think of the ambitious and sometimes even downright scary FBI agent Elizabeth Keen in The Blacklist or paramedic-turned-firefighter Gabriela Dawson in Chicago PD, both of whom work to establish themselves in male-dominated and dangerous careers, Downton Abbey‘s Lady Mary, who finds the strength to endure any number of hardships. The Trail Blazer demands to be recognized, because, hey, she works darn hard for it. This woman’s used to having a lot on her plate, and though her busy schedule can make get-togethers hard to plan, you can’t help but admire her drive and self-confidence. When she manages to get some me-time, she catches up with Hollywood news on E! and finds inspiration in celebs’ success stories.

3. Peace Keeper

GIF from The Good Wife via Giphy

GIF from The Good Wife via Giphy

“Reliable” is the Peace Keeper’s middle name. With her organization skills and love of routine, she’s the one you can count on to rally the troops, sort out all the practicalities, and get everyone together for a much-needed catching-up session. She tends to stick to tried-and-tested brands, restaurants, and activities, and that loyalty extends to her trusted group of friends and loved ones—traits you’d find in poor Lady Sybil in Downton Abbey and in the vivacious and quirky Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds. Drama’s something the Peace Keeper likes to see in her choice of shows, which may include The Good Wife and Law and Order.

4. Passionista

GIF from Mamma Mia via Giphy

GIF from Mamma Mia via Giphy

If the Peace Keeper likes to play it safe, the Passionista’s the complete opposite. She yearns for adventure and can hardly keep still for her desire to explore the world and experiment with new things. She’ll likely feel restricted by a nine-to-five job and prefers to go it her own way, opting to make a living out of her creative pursuits and passion projects. Just think of The Voice coaches Christina Aquilera, Gwen Stefani, and Shakira and how driven they are by their artistry and desire to find that one new voice, one new talent. The Passionista’s willingness to try anything and everything makes her fun to be with, especially when it comes to traveling. She watches a good range of shows, from How Do I Look to fantasy shows like Grimm—that is, when she settles down enough to stay seated for a time!

5. Social Sider

GIF from Miss Universe via GIFSoup

GIF from Miss Universe via GIFSoup

Lastly, the gal whom most everyone knows, the Social Sider. She’s the life of the party—the woman you speak to once and immediately feel at ease with. More than having the most number of friends on Facebook, she’s someone who genuinely loves to get to know people and enjoys working—and playing—with a group. Think of the always-connected Rosalie from Grimm or the ever-fashionable Ruffa Gutierrez of It Takes Gutz to Be a Gutierrez. Instead of watching television on her own, the Social Sider will call up her pals and arrange for a slumber party starring comedy shows such as Just For Laughs or a lineup of movies to alternately get them laughing and soaking in the feels.

Which type of high heeled warrior do you most identify with? And what shows do you watch as a result of it? Leave a comment to share!

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