10 Habits of a Great Girlfriend (According to Guys)

As much as girls have this image of what an ideal boyfriend is like, boys also have their ideal girlfriend to fawn over. It’s pretty much obvious that girls and boys have different views on what habits and traits constitute a great partner, so we asked several guys their opinions about it—we had to promise them anonymity in exchange for their honesty.

Photo by Leigh Righton via Flickr Creative Commons (CC by NC-ND 2.0)

Photo by Leigh Righton via Flickr Creative Commons (CC by NC-ND 2.0)

The answers range from plain logical to downright hilarious (and even sexist). As it’s hard to interpret the male psyche, we’ll just list down their answers and interpret them as best we can.


1. “A great girlfriend dresses up nicely once in a while.”

Men don’t wish for women to always be dressed and made up, and in fact many do say they prefer a girl with a casual, natural look; but they do appreciate knowing you made the effort to doll up just for them. You may already be comfortable with one another, but he’d still love to have you give him some eye candy from time to time.

10 Habits of a Great Girlfriend (According to Guys)

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2. “A great girlfriend should wax…”

…Or shave. Or depilate. We are not against those who prefer not to trim their hair-down-there, but some guys think that it may be better to regularly mow the lawn, so to speak. But, honestly, we’re firm believers in doing it only if it makes you feel good. Because we all know that waxing is something guys would ask us for less often if they had to do it regularly too. Thinking about having it done nevertheless? Check out our article for Brazilian wax virgins.

GIF from America's Next Top Model via Giphy

GIF from America’s Next Top Model via Giphy


3. “A great girlfriend schedules Steak and BJ Day every two months.”

Almost all of the men we asked gave this answer. For those who haven’t heard about it, Steak and BJ Day is an Internet holiday celebrated annually on March 14. It consists of women treating their men with a monster platter of steak and a bit of fun in the bedroom.

10 Habits of a Great Girlfriend (According to Guys)

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Before we scream “sexist,” let’s think about how men are often expected to initiate intimacies in a relationship, or how the task of setting up the perfect Valentine’s Day date usually falls to the guy in a relationship. Not all women are forward enough to talk about sex, much less suggest it, and at times it does become a pressure for men to always keep the flame burning. Asking for “Steak and BJ” on a regular basis may just be their way of reminding women that they, too, have needs and would like their women to take the initiative once in a while.


4. “A great girlfriend regularly reads about various topics.”

There are guys who get turned on more by brains rather than beauty in a woman, and you should be thankful for them. They appreciate the art of conversation, and are very much enamored of women who can hold their own in discussions ranging from politics to Funko Pop collecting. A girl who reads a lot is a girl who is continually learning, which makes her consistently interesting, and there are men who consider that very sexy indeed.

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GIF via Giphy


5. “A great girlfriend budgets money on a weekly/bi-monthly basis (because gentlemen love getting new toys).”

Boys who are into hobbies tend to get so focused on getting the latest rare haul that sometimes they forget that there are bills to pay. These guys appreciate a girlfriend who can put her foot down with regard to expenses and help keep them from going bankrupt. They may joke about handing all their cash over to their ladies, but the truth is that they’re actually pretty grateful when you take the temptation out of their hands.

10 Habits of a Great Girlfriend (According to Guys)

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6. “A great girlfriend makes it a habit to go out with her friends.”

As much as guys like being pampered (with lots of steak and loving), they also like a woman who is independent and has her own life. There is nothing more annoying that a clingy leech who continually texts “w r u,” especially during boys’ night out. It also lets your guy feel better about taking time away from you to hang with his friends if he knows that you do the same with your own friends.

GIF from Sex and the City via Giphy

GIF from Sex and the City via Giphy


7. “A great girlfriend keeps things clean, but doesn’t bother with my messy side of the room.”

It’s all about privacy, and many guys appreciate when a girl trusts them enough not to tinker with their things and their gadgets without their permission.

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8. “A great girlfriend gives her man time to himself.”

Like girls, guys also need time to themselves. Whether it be spent hanging out with the boys or simply staying home building model kits (or who knows? Maybe your guy likes relaxing in the tub with a glass of wine while music plays in the background), a great girlfriend knows when to encourage her man without meddling or to just leave him be.

GIF from What's Your Number via Giphy

GIF from What’s Your Number via Giphy


9. “A great girlfriend is habitually punctual.”

When going out, many girls are guilty of overdoing preparations so much so that they make their men wait for hours on end. Here’s a secret: guys hate waiting, especially if its for you to finish drying your hair. A great girlfriend keeps things simple and is always on time. For her, it’s more important to spend time with her man than in front of a mirror.

10 Habits of a Great Girlfriend (According to Guys)

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10. “A great girlfriend regularly reminds me that she loves me.”

Whether it be through whispered sweet nothings or small, everyday gestures, a great girlfriend always reminds her man how much he means to her. After all, no matter how rough and touch men may seem, deep down, they’re all softies who appreciate affection.

GIF from The Vampire Diaries via Giphy

GIF from The Vampire Diaries via Giphy


So there you have it! We found ourselves surprised, amused, and even touched by these guys’ responses to our questions, but remember that the key to having a good relationship with your guy is open communication between the two of you. So feel free to ask him what he’d like from you—or show him this article as a way to start up a conversation between the two of you about what will make you both happier as a couple. And we have to say, there are some pretty good ideas in the list above!

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    • Liana Smith Bautista

      Hello! We are sorry you feel offended by the content, but we valued our respondents’ honesty and did our best to offer suggestions as to why they felt this way. On the subject of “Steak and BJ Day,” for example, which is a movement that benefits breast cancer charities, we even asked some guys to explain why they would request this from their women, and the explanation they gave was similar to the one we outlined in our article: that, no, they don’t necessarily want blow jobs, but that sometimes guys can feel that their lovers don’t always make the effort to satisfy them in the bedroom, and they would like to see a bit more equality on that front.

      What we tried to do in this article was ask guys for honest answers and try to get to the bottom of what they’re actually asking for even when their responses are flippant or seem sexist. We hope that we did this in a way that provides some insight and humor to our readers. It was certainly not our intention to offend.


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