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7 Cute Cat Instagram Accounts You Should Follow ASAP

7 Cute Cat Instagram Accounts You Should Follow ASAP

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We here at ModernFilipina are absolutely paw-sitive that cats exist to bring a combination of joy, excitement, panic, rage and a whole lot of craziness to our lives–and our Instagram feeds. And sometimes, we are just not worthy of their purr-fection.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the cutest, fluffiest and happiest cats that will surely put a smile on your face. Take a look at these seven cute cat Instagram accounts you should follow, stat!

1. Coffee Cat

This all-white, triple-chinned ball of fluff goes by name of Coffee, a British short hair based in LA, CA. Adored for his little pink nose and raccoon tail, Coffee melts hearts with his adorable antics and dark, round eyes.

2. Song and Mushroom

Mushroom and Song are the cutest feline duos you will ever meet. Mushroom is a female Korean short hair, while Song is a male Scottish fold. They are as adorable as their names. Song’s captivating brown eyes and Mushroom’s calm, deadpan presence are the perfect combo to get you out of a Monday gloom.

3. Dooboo and Tongki

To be honest, this list wouldn’t exist without Dooboo and Tongki, whose cuteness provides the writer with the daily nutrition she needs to go to work. Watch this dreamy pair cuddle together, climb up on things and share food. Seriously. It’s everything you’ve ever needed in your life.

4. Shorty and Kodi

Shorty and Kodi are another twosome here to brighten up your life. The ShoKo duo has had some avid fans for their pawsome friendship and antics. Aged five and three respectively, Shorty and Kodi were adopted from a local shelter and won last year’s Golden Kitty People’s Choice Award at the Internet Cat Film Festival.

5. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Hamilton is also known as moustache cat. This is not a drill. He has a mustache–and a rather fetching one at that! This quirky fur growth makes for some amusing and very pleasing images. Look at that wittle face.

6. Roku Roku

Roku is a snow-colored Scottish fold with a Scottish fold baby and Scottish fold grandbabies. The world needs more Scottish folds, tbh.

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7. Nala

We saved the best for last.

Based in LA, CA, and also known as Coffee’s BFF, Nala is a five-year-old Siamese and Tabby mix who’s well-loved for her adorable captions and unfiltered close-ups. We also adore this precious cinnamon roll for her roundish face and adorable cross-eyed meowments. It’s almost as if she was made to make us feel better whenever we need an instant pick-me-up.


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