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Fashion Collab: Bea Constantino and the Scottish Highlands

Fashion Collab: Bea Constantino and the Scottish Highlands

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Bea Constantino is no stranger to championing Philippine heritage. She styled Paris Hilton on the heiress’s first visit to the country, convincing Hilton to wear Filipino designers for every appearance. This time around, Bea combines indigenous heritage with one of the finest single malt whisky’s in the world
Image courtesy of Iris-Worldwide

Beyonce and Balmain. Serena Williams and Off White with Nike. Versace and H&M. Fashion collaborations have become part of an industry that thrives on creativity and the now. Collaborations like these seek to offer you, the fashionable, buying public, something new to put on, desire, or ogle. Although most brands that partner with celebrities and other designers are typically in the fashion industry, a few bold ones break boundaries.

Take the case of Glenfiddich.

An Exclusive Campaign with a Filipina Stylist

Glenfiddich calls it “the ultimate marriage of legacy with modern flair.” The three-month collaboration had Bea Constantino, fashion stylist and founder of Herman & Co., visiting the brand’s distillery in Scotland. Here, Bea sought to learn about Glenfiddich’s history and how the world’s finest whisky is made. The stylist came away deeply inspired by the similarities between her heritage business and the family-run brand.

The exclusive campaign, called “New Dawn,” features four pieces:

The signet ring features weave design from the Pis siyabit, which is a traditional Tausug textile worn on the head or the waist
Image courtesy of Iris-Worldwide

Bomber Jacket – blends the traditional weaves and textiles from the Yakan community and the Scottish tartan.

Leather Belt Bag – features a traditional Pis siyabit weave from the Tausugs but borrows the shape of the Scottish sporran (a pounch that’s part of the Scottish Highland dress).

Kilt Skirt – a kilt that combines the weaves from the Yakan community and the Scotland kilt’s plaid.

Signet Ring – features a weave design inspired by Pis siyabit.

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How Do You Get a Piece?

This bomber jacket can be yours for free through a contest on Facebook or through the stylist’s brand
Image courtesy of Iris-Worldwide

You could win one of five limited edition bomber jackets from the collection. You just have to go through a contest on Facebook. The contest runs from October 31 to November 10.

The exclusive collection is also available through Herman & Co.

From local textiles and woven fabric getting a much-deserved spotlight to local designers having access to a lucrative market, the local fashion industry is set for a revolution of sorts. And with this recent collaboration between a Filipina stylist and a Scottish brand, more creative endeavors may follow.

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