Flowers in Your Food and Drinks: Pretty Culinary Creations

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Imagine a meal that looks as beautiful as it tastes good. It’s a culinary phenomenon slowly sweeping the internet’s most creative corner: flowers in foods and drinks.

Beautiful, edible blooms used for their flavor and nutritional value, and not just for aesthetic purposes. Isn’t that just the strangest, yet most charming thing you’ve ever heard of today?

The first time I found violet-colored flowers on my Thai salad, I was enchanted. I’d never been happier to see deep-blue velvety petals peeking from between my peas. I remember thinking, “Why isn’t this a thing?”

The use of flowers as ingredients remains an unusual concept for many. But with the growing demand and pressure for natural and renewable raw materials as sources of ingredients, flowers may soon be a familiar sight on the menu.

The truth is you’ve probably eaten flowers without realizing it. If you’ve had broccoli, puso ng saging, cauliflower, and maybe hibiscus in your tea, then you’re not a total stranger to the concept.

But we’re talking about colorful, delicate blossoms that look like they belong to a Bridal Weekly editorial cover instead of your mom’s kitchen. We’re talking about roses, pansies and nasturtium in your salad, toast, cake, and even cocktail.

A list of common edible flowers includes:

  • violets
  • roses
  • nasturtiums
  • pansies
  • lavender
  • carnations
  • sweet williams
  • lilacs
  • marigolds
  • daises

As for the taste, pansies are known to be a little grassy, mild yet sweet. Nasturtiums have a bold, peppery tang that’s perfect for stews and soups, and rose petals have a deeper, bitter-ish kick.

Now, on to the best part! Here are perfectly sweet, perfectly floral concoctions I’ve taken from today’s best food bloggers:


Edible Flower Macarons

Recipe by: Lexy Ward from

Flowers added: A variety of edible flowers

Image sourced from

Spring Bouquet Popsicles

Image sourced from

Floral Donuts with Blood Orange and Lemon Ginger Glaze

Recipe by: Caitlin and Manda from

Flowers added: A variety of edible flowers

Image sourced from

Flowerfetti Cake with a Natural Funfetti Sponge

Recipe by: Aimee Twigger from

Flowers added: A variety of edible flowers

Image sourced from


Lillet Rose Spring Cocktail

Recipe by: Martha Stewart from

 Flowers added: Rose

Image sourced from

Pineapple and Carrot Gin Punch

Recipe by: Eden Passante from

Flowers added: A variety of edible flowers

Image sourced from



Wildflower Salad

Recipe by: Lauren from

Flowers added: Violas and pansies

Image sourced from


Cream Cheese and Chive Sandwiches with Edible Flowers

Recipe by: Erica Lea from

Flowers added: Nasturtium

Image sourced from

To be honest, I didn’t want to this list to end. If you’re interested to know more about flower-infused recipes, feel free to visit Raise Your Garden – they have greater (and mouthwatering stuff) up on their blog.

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