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Affordable Summer Outfits Online: Are They Worth the Spend?

Affordable Summer Outfits Online: Are They Worth the Spend?

Summer is here and, yes — we are all in quarantine.

Due to the rapid spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), a majority of the country is under lockdown to prevent the increase in COVID-19 cases. For this reason, we’re spending our summers differently than planned.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t all have a little fun or plan for the next trip while we’re in quarantine. Although the lockdown is still in effect, we can do some window shopping online.

Summer Outfits Online: Aren’t They a Bit Risky?

Photo by Bruno Cervera on Unsplash

Most of us would prefer to shop for clothes from Instagram stores. I haven’t done it myself but I’ve had friends who swear by IG shops. And they’re never wrong. They always look A+ in their IG swimwear or summer outfit.

I’m on the other side of the affordability spectrum, making me a bit hesitant about the price. IG clothes can be pricey (although I have scored bargains. A winter coat for P500, am I right?) and for budget-conscious fashionistas, spending a thousand bucks on swimwear can be discouraging.

Fortunately, we have Shopee and Lazada!

“But girl, aren’t they a bit iffy?” you might ask.

Shopping online is kind of like a game of Russian roulette. It’s a risky game of chance but so far, in my experience, I’ve only had one online shopping mishap. The rest of my purchases, on the other hand, passed my expectations, if not exceeded them.

Check them out!

[Side note: the beach photos were taken during my Zambales trip in 2019. Stay at home, friends!]
Bought this ensemble for P318 ONLY (shipping fee included). The padded swimsuit cost P196 while the shorts cost P77 only. The swimsuit is one of my MEH purchases online. It didn’t really stand a chance against the waves BUT it was good for IG shots. The shorts, on the other hand, are incredible. The fabric stood the test of the beach plus it looked cute.
This off shoulder, one-piece swimsuit was such a GEM. For P299, I got to enjoy a classic look that survived the waves of Zambales. It was also very comfortable and you had the choice to wear it with straps or not.

Prior to the lockdown, I had ordered a bunch of clothes for the summer. Now that we’re all under community quarantine, I’ll have to wait before I can wear them to the beach. For now, however, I had my bit of fun with the clothes I got online.  I did a little photo shoot at home.

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Shopee is a sucker for affordable ternos — and so am I. This summer outfit cost P229 only. I’m a fan of the skirt but since I have tummy issues (meaning my puson is a bit big), I knocked off a star since it emphasized that part of my body. The top is a bit too small for my liking. But that was the point of the top — to show off your midriff. But all in all, I love how this outfit looks on me. Worth the P300 price tag!
Rompers also look lovely at the beach — and at home! This romper/jumpshort (P199) is a good steal for anyone who wants a simple and casual summer look. I’m a bit conservative so I wore a bandeau to cover my non-existent chest area. But this romper is perfect for girls who “got the goods.” I’m not a big fan of the waist, though. I think it’s a bit unflattering, but still a good wear. The fabric is a bit thick so it can withstand the waves if you choose to take a dip.
Another terno tandem found online, this Marian top + skirt combo cost me P230. The best thing about this outfit is you can wear it anytime, anywhere. It could be perfect for beach walking, but it also levels up your enhanced community quarantine fashion. The material is a bit thin and I have a feeling that if you’re faced with strong winds, your top could expose you. Still, I love this dress!

Online Shopping Reminders

Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

It’s always a hit or miss when you shop at affordable online platforms, so it’s best to be wise when making purchases.

I recommend checking the testimonials page for photos to gain better insight on an outfit. The reviews are lifesavers; they spare you from unwanted purchases. Take a close look at the photos and see if the clothes will fit you well. Check what others have to say about the outfit before you hit the BUY button.

Also, look at the sizing chart! Never skip the sizing chart. Go a size up if you have to.

This ECQ, start planning for your next trip by hitting the ADD TO CART button and adding lovely yet very affordable clothes to your wardrobe.

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