6 Fashionable Halloween Costumes That Are Easy to Recreate

Halloween is just a weekend away! Still don’t have a costume for your office party? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here are six fashionable Halloween costumes that you can easily recreate, featuring iconic female characters that everyone will easily recognize:

1. Holly Golighty

GIF from Breakfast at Tiffany’s via giphy.com

Want to look glam at your costume party? Play dress up for Halloween and go with this classic look. Just get your little black dress, a pair of shades and gloves, some serious bling, and you are good to go!

Three Layer Rhinestone Clip, P300 from Jean and Rosz via zalora.com.ph


Malibu Sunnies , P549 from Factorie via zalora.com.ph

Sweet Beaded Necklace, P895 from Vivacious via zalora.com.ph

Shift Dress With Belt, P815 from Courier via zalora.com.ph

2. Carrie Bradshaw

GIF from Sex and the City via giphy.com

Another glam girl worth emulating is Sex and the City lead Carrie Bradshaw. Of course with a closet full of designer clothes and Manolos, it’s hard to decide which one of her rocking looks to copy. Take the easy route and cop her outfit from the opening credits. Just get a pink tank top, tuck it into a tulle skirt, and you’re good to go!

Training Tank, P799 from Cotton on Body via zalora.com.ph

Dalyn Tutu Skirt, P600 from Ashley Collection via zalora.com.ph

Jaci Strappy Sandal Mid Heels, P849 from Velvet via zalora.com.ph

3. Super Girl

Gif from Supergirl via giphy.com

Go for full-on girl power this Halloween! Kal-El’s cousin recently went soaring through the America’s TV sets, and we can’t help but get hooked! Take your cue from the hip TV series and just pair up a Superman (or any tight blue top) shirt with a red skater skirt for an updated take on Supergirl.

YOLO Superman, P399 from Ham and Cheese via zalora.com.ph

Desiree Skater Skirt, P350 from Ashley Collection via zalora.com.ph


Angel Heel Sandals, P999 from Sofeeticada via zalora.com.ph

4. Cady Heron’s Zombie Bride costume

GIF from Mean Girls via giphy.com

Go for old-school scares with this Mean Girls-inspired costume. Just borrow an old wedding dress (or use your mom’s, just like what Cady did) for this look. You could also don a white frock and top it with a veil and some gory makeup.

Celia Rhinestone Tiara, P4,500 from The Bridal Suite Wedding via zalora.com.ph

Lace-sleeve dress, P949 from Zalora via zalora.com.ph

5. Karen Smith’s mouse costume


GIF from Mean Girls via giphy.com

Here’s another Mean Girls inspiration. You don’t have to wear lingerie for this one–you can opt for your favorite LBD instead! If you don’t want to channel your inner spirit animal, then wear your favorite quirky headband.

Tiara With Blinking Light Headband, P125 from Colorsandmeshoppe via zalora.com.ph

Wide Strap Detail Midi Dress, P1,499 from Zalora via zalora.com.ph

Maxie Shoes, P1,499 from CLN via zalora.com.ph

6. Ariel

GIF from The Little Mermaid via giphy.com

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t tap into your inner mermaid this Halloween! The best part about this look is you don’t actually need to wear fins (how impractical is that?). Our alternative? Go for a maxi dress and a slim-fitting top.

Long Sleeve Crew Neck Crop Top, P595 from Lash via zalora.com.ph

Clam Shoulder Bag, P875 from Queen Street via zalora.com.ph

Danica Lace Maxi Skirt, P480 from Ashley Collection via zalora.com.ph

Corbin Flat Sandals, P999 from Sofab! via zalora.com.ph


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