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Think Before You Cut: How to Avoid Those Dreaded Haircut Regrets!

Think Before You Cut: How to Avoid Those Dreaded Haircut Regrets!

Think Before You Cut: How to Avoid Those Dreaded Haircut Regrets!

Remember the time when you asked your stylist for a mere trim, but ended up getting almost half of your hair chopped off? Or the time your bangs just appeared wrong on every possible level?  Yeah, I thought so. You’re not alone on this one because every woman has had a bad haircut experience at least once in her life. If you’re sick of experiencing hair faux pas over and over again, you can stop worrying now because we have listed down ways on how you can avoid experiencing these dreaded haircut regrets from now on:


Do some research.

Whenever you tell a hairstylist to simply do whatever he or she thinks would look good on you, the chances of ending up with haircut regrets are pretty high. Misinterpretations are simply bound to happen in situations like this. So, make sure you know exactly what you want, whether you want your hair cut short, asymmetrical, or layered. Also, keep in mind that not every hair style will look flattering on everyone, so make sure you do your research on which hairstyle would complement your face shape best. We actually have an article on that here: What’s Your Face Shape? Figure Out the Best Hair Style for You


Look for a style that screams ‘you’.

Just because a certain hair trend is going on doesn’t necessarily mean that you should follow it. Remember: your hair is your crowning glory. As such, it would be important for your hair to make you feel nothing less than yourself. How good you feel about yourself should always be your top priority. If you don’t think about how good your haircut will make you feel, you are sure to regret your cut afterwards.


Bring pictures.

Sometimes, explaining and describing how you want your hair to look like is not enough. Leaving the hairstylist to interpret everything you say is really risky and that is why it would be incredibly important to bring pegs to the salon with you – 3 of them at the very least. This way, the stylist will see exactly what you want and how you expect your hair to look like in the end.


Put down that magazine.

More often than not, we end up reading and flipping through a bunch of magazines during the cutting and stripping process. This is a no-no. You should always watch what is being done to your hair, so you can avoid getting unwanted cuts and losing too much of it, in general.


Speak your mind.

If at any time during the haircut process, you don’t feel comfortable or you just feel like something wrong is bound to happen, speak up. There’s nothing wrong with asking the stylist what he or she is about to do and there is definitely nothing wrong in saying you don’t like something when you don’t. If you wait until after the cut, then you might just end up leaving the salon with regrets.


So, there you have it: 5 easy ways to avoid those dreaded haircut regrets. If you have already ended up with a bad haircut, though, then don’t worry too much. Just carry yourself well and carry yourself confidently, and you are sure to pull off that hair and own it anytime!

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