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4 Steps to Rocking Red Lipstick

4 Steps to Rocking Red Lipstick

Red lips will never go out of style. Take it from Taylor Swift, who not only sings about never going “out of style,” but also rocks red lipstick while she’s at it. Need local inspiration? Look no further than It” girl Anne Curtis, who loves red lipstick. Red lips are bold, vibrant and can give anyone the confidence boost they need on a bad day.

But exercise caution: the red lipstick giveth as much as it taketh away. There’s a fine line between red-classy and red-greasy, and you should know better than to cross it. Here are four ways to rock red lipstick:

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

Prepping your lips is the best way to start. For better-looking and longer wear, keep your lips hydrated, exfoliated and ready for color. To do this, apply lip primer or a simple DIY brown sugar and honey scrub.

2. Choose the Right Shade

The best way to choose a shade is to know your lip undertone. Warm undertones are perfect for warm reds, while cool undertones look good with cool reds. Better try on different shades first to know which ones look good on you.

3. Keep Everything Else Simple

As a general rule, always strive for balance. Unless you want to go all out, it’s safe to tone down other elements, like your eye shadow and blush.

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4. Seal the Deal

A common #redlipstickproblem? One slight smudge and it can look like a make-out session gone wrong. Avoid getting messy by choosing a long-wearing lipstick with ingredients that will nourish your lips, as well as lock the color in place. Apply the lipstick and blot, and then repeat to get it to stay. A touch of translucent powder can also do the trick.

Ready to rock red puckers?

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