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Magnificent Monolids: Makeup Tips and Tricks Monolid Eyes

Magnificent Monolids: Makeup Tips and Tricks Monolid Eyes

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“Chinita” girls everywhere bemoan: What’s the point of putting eye makeup on if it’ll disappear when you open your eyes?

But having pretty monolid eyes is not a disadvantage. In actuality, this eye type allows you to get creative because it works its best magic when used with different, offbeat makeup techniques.

You don’t need to improve your monolid eyes — you need to embrace them.

So ignore what the rest of the world is doing and forget the usual makeup styles. It’s time to stand out from the crowd.

Do you have monolid eyes?

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The crease makes the difference between monolid eyes and double lid eyes. The crease separates the eyelid into the unmoving area right under the brow bone and your mobile lid (the part that covers your eyes when you blink).

How do you know if you’ve got a particular eye shape, or monolids? look straight into a mirror held at eye level.

Look forward with your eyes open and find your crease. If you don’t have one, that’s it: you have monolid eyes. Hooded eyes, by comparison, have a fold of skin that hangs over the mobile lid and obscures it. There’s still a crease there, unlike with monolids that have no crease at all.

Makeup for Monolid Eyes

It’s time to bring out the best in your monolid eyes.

Try these eye makeup techniques to make them shine:

  • Eyelid Glue or Eyelid Tape

Girls who want to get that double lid with their monolid eyes can opt to use some eyelid glue or eyelid tape. Their purpose is the same: you “create” your crease by using the glue or the tape, pushing in your eyelid until the skin adheres onto itself.

Monolid girls, this eyelid glue is perfect for you: Koji Natural Liquid Eyetalk.
Eyelid Glue or Eyelid Tape
  • The Full-Cover Winged-Eye

Sometimes, you just need more product. First, look down, so you have a full view of your lid. And then, with gel eyeliner in hand, create a diagonal line from your inner corner. This line should go above your eye crease and upward in a curve to what will be the “tip” of your wing.

Now you have an outline — fill it in entirely with eyeliner. Don’t freak out! Trust the process and fill in the whole space in your mobile lid. When you open your eye, you’ll find that you have a winged eye that won’t vanish.

Woman putting eyelids shadow
Full-Cover Winged-Eye
  • Big, Bold Lashes

Yes, you can use mascara with monolid eyes. It’s recommended, since your lashes play a significant role in making your eyes look bigger and brighter. They provide an “enlarging” illusion as they fan out over your upper lid. The best option is to use waterproof mascara that won’t transfer.

Volumizing and curling mascaras are an excellent choice as they will help your lashes look thicker and curve upward, opening up your eyes. To apply your mascara, lower your mirror, so you’re looking down at it, and apply your mascara from root to tip, making a “zigzag” movement upward, so they don’t clump up.

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Protip: If you’re into false lashes, go for it! Big lashes coupled with dark eyeliner or a smokey eye look will make your eyes look humongous. Just make sure your glue is dry before looking up, or your lashes will stick to your lid.

  • Spread the Color

Contrary to popular belief, having monolid eyes actually make you the perfect canvas for colorful, creative eyeshadow because you have such a broad space under your brow.

All you have to do is spread it further upward, beyond your crease, and in a halo toward your eyebrow. The sky is the limit here: you can do soft looks with sunset corals in a gradient, or you can go for the full rainbow in a prismatic blend that envelops your whole eye, from the upper lids to the lower lids. You have more space than double-lidded girls — go for it!

Beautiful eye of a woman
Monolid eye

Your monolid eyes need no improvement or correction. They’re a part of you that will allow you to express yourself to the fullest, just like everything else!

And now that you know the tricks to do it, it’s time to start experimenting. From graphic liners, glitter, to colorful gradients, or even a simple everyday cat eye, your monolid eyes will shine as a glorious part of you that makes you unique.

Ready to start trying out new things? Jump into our makeup category and try your hand on some of our other styles of makeup!


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