How to Whiten Your Bikini Area – An Ultimate Guide

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Unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model or a celebrity, the bikini area is probably the least of your beauty concerns.

But when the swimsuit season arrives, out come the bikinis, cutoffs, tank tops, and frocks – and we all find ourselves scrambling to look for ways to get a smoother, lighter area between the thighs. Not everybody, after all, is #blessed with flawlessness from head to toe. You may feel a little self-conscious about donning your two-piece or cutoffs if your bikini area is a few shades darker than the rest of your body.

So if you’re plagued with an ashy, discolored, bikini area, fear not. Modern Filipina created this ultimate guide to whitening your bikini area to help you get in your best form in time for your beach trip.

Use the right products

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You have plenty of options when it comes to bikini area whitening products, from creams and gels, to soaps and washes. But choose ones that agree with your skin type and sensitivities. Don’t forget check the ingredients to make sure the product doesn’t contain anything harmful.

Look for products with vitamin C, tea tree extract, honey, lactic acid, and glutathione – all of which are cult-favorite whitening ingredients.

Also, remember that you may have to go through a few products beforehand to find one that best suits your skin. What works for other people may not be as effective for you. If a product causes redness, irritation, or stinging, stop using it immediately. Let your skin rest for several weeks before jumping to the next product.

1. Active White Exact Bikini Line Whitening Liquid Cream

This product help keep the skin in your bikini line smooth, light, and blemish-free. It contains Beta Arbutin, Papaya extract, Glutathione, Tea Tee Extract, Vitamin E, and Glycerin. BFAD-approved in the Philippines, Active White Exact Bikini Line should be applied to the skin twice a day.

Price: P145

2. Gluta C Intense Underarm & Bikini Skin Whitening Gel

This ultra-lightweight gel can easily turn your inner thighs and bikini line lighter. Also made for dark armpits, this product contains a mix of encapsulated Vitamin C, Glutathione, and daisy flower extract to make the skin smoother, softer, and whiter.

Not only that, Gluta C Intense Underarm & Bikini Skin Whitening Gel is a clear gel form, which means it absorbs better than creams. It also leaves no sticky residue.

Price: P199.75

3. Etude House Oh My God! Spot Whitening Cream

A Korean brand, the Oh My God! Spot Whitening Cream from Etude House targets dark areas like the bikini line. It is formulated with meadowsweet flower, which brightens the skin. The Swiss alpine herbs it contains, on the other hand, provides a soothing sensation. It has a nice flowery scent that you won’t get from other products.

The product also contains spiraeaulmaria leaf extract, which suppresses the generation of melanin.

Price: P400 – P500

4. Mosbeau Thigh Cream

Mosbeau is a Japanese brand that has recently invaded the Philippines. It claims to whiten the inner thigh and other dark spots in just two weeks. The cream comes in a translucent bottle with gold cap and is only available in a 50g package.

The product contains Horse Placental Protein, Daisy Extract, as well as Fulvic Acid and Artemia Extract. It also contains seven plant extracts, which moisturize the skin.

Price: P980

5. Marie-France Professional Whitening Kit

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It may be quite expensive, but this is a professional-strength skin whitening kit that includes a very powerful peeling or bleaching solution. The kit claims to whiten extremely dark inner thighs, bikini area, butt, and other dark spots like underarms, knees, and elbows.

The kit contains a macro exfoliator or peeling oil, which can lighten the skin up to three shades.

Price: P5,000

Bonus: Citrus Fruits

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There’s this one other thing that can whiten your bikini area – and you can easily find it in the kitchen. Lemon, as well as other citrus fruits like calamansi and orange, is a wonderful source of Vitamin C that helps get rid of dead skin cells and improve the overall skin tone.

You can use both the juice and the peel of these fruits, but avoid application if you’ve recently waxed the area.

Price: Free! Or less than P100 if you’re buying

You don’t have to go as far as undergoing expensive treatments to have a flawless and fairer bikini area. Just go to the nearest beauty store and get yourself these products. Or if you’re the kuripot type, try the rummaging through the kitchen.

But there are more bikini area whitening tips beyond using the right products.

Go for a bikini wax instead of a shave

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Shaving is notorious for causing discoloration. Its abrasive method rubs and scrapes against your skin, which leads to melanin buildup.Waxing, on the other hand, doesn’t cause hyperpigmentation, as long as it’s done with the right technique.

Look for a reputable waxing service that offers options (e.g., hot or cold wax). Read reviews online on different salons and find one that is known for their painless treatments. Don’t forget to observe proper pre- and post-waxing care.

Exfoliate weekly

Hair removal, regardless of which method you choose, causes bumps on your bikini area, or what people refer to as “chicken skin.” These bumps are usually due to ingrown hair, although they can also be caused by contact dermatitis or folliculitis.

Exfoliate your crotch area with a gentle scrub or gel weekly to get rid of the buildup of dead skin. This ensures that when your hair grows back, there won’t be anything blocking your follicles. Alternatively, you can use a toner with active acids to micropeel your bikini area.


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Lack of hydration contributes to hyperpigmentation, since there isn’t enough moisture to reduce the friction between your skin and your garments. Make sure to moisturize your bikini line regularly, especially after getting a wax, to keep your skin nourished.

Sunflower oil is a good moisturizer for your bikini area. It’s easily absorbed and loaded with vitamin E, which helps regenerate skin cells and lighten brown spots.

Wear the right underwear

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As mentioned above, friction causes hyperpigmentation. Opt for cotton underwear without tight garters on the crotch area. A pair of seamless panties is also a good option. Just make sure they’re breathable and don’t dig into your bikini line.

You don’t have to undergo expensive treatments just to get a flawless bikini area. What’s important is you feel confident when you hit the beach, regardless of what you’re wearing or how much skin you’re showing.

This article has been updated, the original article, These 5 Products Promise to Whiten Your Bikini Area, appeared on April 19, 2017 by Dyan Carolino.

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