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Rainy Weather Safety for Your Furparents with Scaredy Dogs

Rainy Weather Safety for Your Furparents with Scaredy Dogs

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Rain is always a welcome change, especially after a long summer season. But too much can disrupt our schedule and be a big downer, physically and psychologically. The same reality applies to your furbabies but the difference is some dogs take the rain too seriously. The weather drastically alters the routine and stresses them out. 

Why Does My Dog Act Weird When It Rains?

Fido ain’t a big fan of the rain. What do you do now? Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Everything from the moisture produced by the rain to the sound of thunder affects your dog. But each pup is different so their responses to the rain vary. 

Consider the following reasons behind your dog’s weird behavior during the rainy season. 

The Sound It Makes

Dogs can hear four times stronger than humans, which means the sound of pouring rain and thunder is louder to them. The increase in noise can cause some pups to become overwhelmed, nervous, and scared. 

Decreased Exercise

Most dog owners aren’t excited to walk out their pets in the rain. As a result, our dogs can detect our dislike of the rain and associate the wet weather with a negative feeling. On top of that, they won’t get their routine walk if the rain continues to pour. 

Wet Paws

Most dogs, apart from Labradors and a few breeds, aren’t big fans of wet paws. When it rains, everything around them becomes wet so when they walk out, their paws will be wet. As a result, some dogs refuse to go out in the rain. 

How Do You Take Care of Your Pets During the Rainy Season?  

The cold rain presents a few health and safety problems for your pup. 

So how do you take better care of your furbabies?

  • Keep Their Fur Dry. Keep your dog’s coat dry at all times possible. If you have to take them out in the rain, rub them dry with a towel afterward. Some pampered pups prefer a good blow dry after each wet excursion, but there are many dogs that can’t resist a brisk towel rub. Also, when you leave their fur damp, they are more susceptible to mildew, mold, fungi, and bacteria. Instead of dealing with these problems, keep your pup dry ALWAYS.
  • Care For Your Dog’s Paws. Your pup’s paws need a lot of tender loving care, so always keep them wrapped up. Exposing your paws to muddy and damp conditions increases your dog’s risk to disease. Unprotected paws are also more susceptible to infections. If staying indoors isn’t an option, invest in a good pair of boots. If you can’t get them the boots, clean and dry their paws after every walk. 
  • Conduct Activities Inside the House. Since your dogs can’t go outside, give them some exercise at home. Perform tricks or play fetch inside your home or garage. If you live in an apartment building, take your pups up and down the stairs instead of going up the elevator. 

Your dog isn’t a big fan of the rain like you. Make rainy days more bearable for them by giving them some extra TLC during this season.

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