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5 Small Changes You Need to Make So You Can Start Moving On

5 Small Changes You Need to Make So You Can Start Moving On

Sometimes, the best way to move on is to make a few more changes. May it be reverting back to who you were pre-relationship or moving forward and trying out a new you, making changes can help you get ready to let go of your failed relationship and move on. If you find yourself in limbo right now after a breakup, here are some changes you should make to move forward with your life.

1. Change your hairstyle.

Women usually change their hairstyle when they’re going through a major life moment, and a breakup definitely counts as one. Change things up and try out a new look to signify a brand new you, post-breakup.

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2. Change your hangout spots.

When we’re in a relationship, we tend to spend a lot of time as a couple at certain places. Maybe it was a coffee shop that you always passed by on the way to work together, the restaurant you had your first date at, or a bar you used to go on double dates with your friends. Wherever it was, the place is likely now tainted by bittersweet memories, and it’s time to shake up your routine. Instead of going to the same old bar where you might even run into your ex, try the new one down the road. You’ll make new memories and maybe even meet some new people and find new friends!

3. Change your playlist.

As with the places we hang out at, the music we listen to could be a powerful and emotional memory tool. Almost every song that I have on my computer will take me back to a certain moment or make me think of a certain person. If you and your ex had a lot of “couple songs,” then it’s time to change your playlist. Carefully go through your music library and hit delete on all the senti ones that bring tearful memories to your mind. It’s a necessary step to moving on because you need to get your ex out of mind, and listening to “your song” on repeat for hours on end is going to do just the opposite.

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4. Change your Facebook status.

After a breakup, a lot of people wonder when is the right time to change their relationship status to single. Some people believe you should give it a grace period so it doesn’t look like you’re too happy or callous about it, but in my opinion, it’s something that should be done as soon as possible. Get his face off of your profile, and accept that it’s over. You don’t even have to change it to single so that people will see it just yet, you can just opt to completely remove any relationship status-related information instead. This way, you don’t get the tons of people asking “what happened?!” while it’s still raw. For your own sanity, though, remove your “in a relationship with…” status and start embracing the fact that you’re single.

5. Change your attitude about relationships.

The most important step towards moving on is deciding that it’s what you want to do. After a breakup, you’re understandably going to feel sad and hurt. You might even start feeling bitter toward men in general, not just your ex. When a guy hurts you, it’s easy to take out your anger and frustration on every guy around you, or make fun of every happy couple that you see, but deep down you know that isn’t fair. In the process of healing, you need to realize that your ex was just one guy, and that your happiness is still out there. Don’t let bitterness weigh you down, change your attitude and keep your heart and mind open to possibilities. You will never move on if you let one guy ruin your outlook on all relationships.

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Take this breakup as an excuse to put yourself first for a while. Work on making some positive changes on your life–there’s no better way to distract yourself from heartbreak, and you get to discover more of yourself in the process!

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