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Dear Self: You Deserve to Be Happy

Dear Self: You Deserve to Be Happy

Image from Dawson's Creek courtesy of The WB Television Network
Image from Dawson’s Creek courtesy of The WB Television Network

Dear Iris,

You are still reeling from a heartbreak. You don’t know what’s worse: actually knowing that the love of your life just happily tied the knot or knowing that the two of you never had a chance.

You shed tears as you recount the times you spent together, how happy you were when you were with him, and how you were probably this close to actually taking it to the next level, but you know that’s it’s just wishful thinking. He was with another girl, someone whom you know he really loved, someone whom he exchanged “I dos” with just recently.

You know you can never make a cheater out of him. And it’s not like you didn’t have commitment issues of your own.

Moving on will be hard. You know you will shed more tears for this guy. Suddenly, everything reminds you about him: fast food chains you had lunches in, coffee shops you spent hours chatting in, songs that you think he’d like. This will be a long and mushy process, and you will hate yourself for it. You’ll think about him all the time, and you’ll seriously consider unfriending him on Facebook so you won’t have to see his honeymoon pictures with his wife.

But one day, you’ll move on, I’m sure of it. One day, you’ll find a decent guy who will make you happy, someone who’s not in love with somebody else.

He will not be the guy whom you’re crying over right now.

This guy will give you the love you deserve, something that doesn’t come with too many complications. You’ll go on many adventures together, and you’ll be very happy.

Of course, you won’t think of that right now. By all means, cry all the feelings out. Lock yourself in your room, eat as many chocolates as you want, listen to countless songs and watch tons of movies that tug at your heartstrings. Talk to your friends, and don’t forget that you have a life beyond him. Besides, who says the two of you can’t still be friends?

Do yourself a favor and live the life you want. Travel alone, see the world, find a career that you’re truly passionate about, don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a while. Be busy making yourself happy, and one day, you’ll realize that you’re finally over him. You will move on.

It’s going to be a long and difficult process, but you will do it because you owe it to yourself to be happy. I know you will be.

Your Future Self

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