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6 Things Single Girls Are Sick of Hearing

6 Things Single Girls Are Sick of Hearing

Inevitably, it happens to every one of us. To all your relatives, people in relationships, friends and parents, your being single is something for them to point out to you. It’s like a topic of conversation that’s perpetually open to discussion, and is always brought up whether you like it or not. Yes, we know we’re single, there’s no need to remind us!

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In life, we grow up learning that there’s only one woman to channel in social situations. Who better to provide perfect responses  and reactions to these platitudes than Audrey Hepburn herself?

1. “Ikaw kasi, ang choosy mo!” 

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Ah, yes. The classic platitude where it all boils down to you for having standards.Since when did being just a bit cautious become a bad thing? It’s not your fault that you are worth being choosy for! Usually said by friends while you’re talking why this random guy you know is really annoying, this is a side comment that you’ve just gotta let slide. You love your friends, really. But sometimes you really have to stick to your own guns and be choosy, if you want to be.


2. “I’m sure the right guy will come along. Eventually. Pray ka lang.

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This is meant to be comforting, but for someone who isn’t looking for the right guy  (or has been looking for a while now), it’s no comfort at all. Of course you know perfectly well that the right guy will come along eventually, but WHERE IS HE? Unless your parents (because, let’s admit, they’re the ones who always say this) know where you can find him, better for them to just zip their lips, don’t you think?


3. “Nako hija, the clock is ticking!

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Nobody started talking about this magical biological clock until I turned 24. Usually mentioned by titas, or very concerned lolas, this word of warning brings thoughts of panic and bloody murder. As if you were actually planning to have kids at 24! But remember to keep your cool, smile and calmly remind them that you just aren’t there yet.


4. “What about [your crush’s name here]? Ba’t di ka pa ligawan nun?

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For some reason, I’ve heard this from both my parents and my little brother. As if having a crush on someone was that simple! As if they’ve never experienced the utterly heart-crushing drama of having a crush? If the world was simple then I wouldn’t be single anymore, would I?


5. “Ikaw kasi, masyado kang maganda/matalino/Englishera…”

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This has got to be the best insulting thing that you will ever hear in your life. Also usually said by friends, can you help it that you’re that beautiful, smart, eloquent and all around gorgeous? Plus, there’s no reason why you should change yourself to fit a guy. Elusive as he might be, “The One” should be someone who learns to love you, too beautiful or no. The best thing to do here is just smile, flip your hair, and laugh like it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard.


6. “They say love comes when you least expect it.”

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They also say that “there are plenty of fish in the sea,” and yet you’re still waiting. You’ve expected it, you’ve stopped looking completely…it just hasn’t hasn’t happened yet.

Which of these quotes do you hear a lot of? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  • I met my first and only bf when I was 22 years old. Although I was yearning for one, I’m glad how I was still somehow patient and sensible about ‘waiting’ for him. You’ll meet a man someday, and then smile, because it all makes sense. I don’t think a lot of girls are fortunate to experience this. We got married last year.

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