5 Breakup Don’ts You Should Never, Ever Fall For

There’s nothing more painful than hearing the words, “I’m breaking up with you.” And as tempting as it is to pull an attitude and start destroying yourself–or him for that matter–you and I both know that it won’t do anything other than make you feel even worse.

So, here are five breakup DON’Ts that you should avoid:

Image from Kaboompics

Image from Kaboompics

1. DON’T dwell on the past.

As hard as it sounds, it’s time that you stop dwelling on the past. Don’t try to insert the breakup in every conversation you have with other people. Don’t let the breakup take control of your life.

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2. DON’T stalk him or his new girl.

I know you’re itching to know what he’s up to–and if he has a new girl. DON’T stalk him on social media. Unfriend and unfollow all his accounts. If you feel the urge to check on him, try to do something else instead: read a book, watch TV, or go out with your friends. Soon enough, you’ll be able to kick the habit.

GIF via Giphy

GIF via Giphy

3. DON’T contact him.

Don’t do it! It doesn’t matter if you’re drunk or if something really bad or really good happened. You’re not together anymore and there’s no point in contacting him. But if you really feel like you should talk to him and it would seriously help you move on (or get back together), then explain that a closure would really mean a lot to you. Make sure you’re both emotionally ready for it, though.

If he still doesn’t want to, just drop it. Don’t beg for it. You deserve far better treatment anyway.

GIF via Giphy

GIF via Giphy

4. DON’T get a rebound.

Getting a rebound or a temporary replacement sounds really convenient. I mean, it would really be nice to have someone take your mind off your previous relationship and all the pain that comes with the breakup. But the thing is, it’s a bad idea if you haven’t completely moved on yet, as you’re being unfair to the other person.

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PS: Try giving that guy a chance when you’re fully over the breakup. Who knows? #justsaying

5. DON’T make extremely ridiculous and irrational decisions.

It’s pretty easy to be self-destructive when you’re hurt. Going for a haircut is a good idea but choosing to pull a Britney is not. Think twice before trying extremely risky activities or maxing out your credit card on off-the-grid-outfits. Never ever try to hurt yourself physically. Surround yourself with your loved ones instead of trying to hurt yourself.

Tove Lo in Habits Music Video GIF via Giphy

GIF via Giphy

Bonus tip: DON’T SLEEP WITH HIM. Nothing good will come out of it and it will only make things shittier and messier than it already is. So please, do yourself a favor. Just don’t.

Here’s a hug and you’re welcome.

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