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10 Romantic Christmas Songs for Your Holiday Date

10 Romantic Christmas Songs for Your Holiday Date

Christmas is most associated with lights, food, presents, and get-togethers, but it may also be the most romantic time of the year after Valentine’s Day. Last week, we gave you a list of songs to get you pumped for the holidays. Now, here’s one to get you and your man in the mood for some Christmas loving. Though we don’t have snow or fireplaces in the Philippines, you can easily plan for a candlelit dinner for two. Put on these tunes, pull him close for a slow dance, and make this Christmas one to remember.

1. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” by Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé

Though its lyrics may not be all that romantic, this tune’s great for dancing. If the combined vocal chops of Frozen‘s Idina Menzel and jazz star Michael Bublé aren’t enough to get you waltzing with your man, check out the charming video starring the younger versions of these famous singers and see if it doesn’t inspire you to show off your skills on the floor.

Lyrics to Slow Dance To: “I wish I knew how / Your eyes are like starlight now / To break this spell / I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell…”

2. “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway

This Christmas song has been remade over and over again, but we’ve got a soft spot for Donny Hathaway’s original version, which manages to be upbeat yet sexy at the same time. Want a slower, more modern version to get you in the mood? Then check out Pentatonix’s take on this classic.

Lyrics to Slow Dance To: “Presents and cards are here / My world is filled with cheer and you / This Christmas / And as I look around / Your eyes outshine the town, they do / This Christmas…”

3. “Santa Baby” by Ariana Grande featuring Liz Gillies

Heat up your night by doing a sexy dance to this naughty little tune originally sung by Eartha Kitt. You can even draw some inspiration from the lyric by using a coat—sable or not—to tease your man.

Lyrics to Slow Dance To: “Santa baby, just slip a sable under the tree for me / I’ve been an awful good girl, Santa baby / So hurry down the chimney tonight…”

4. “Merry Christmas, Darling” by Christina Perri

Whether your man’s away or just within reach, this is a song that’ll have you wanting to cling to him tighter. The Carpenters set the bar high with their original version, but Christina Perri did a fantastic job remaking it with her haunting voice.

Lyrics to Slow Dance To: “Merry Christmas, darling / We’re apart, that’s true / But I can dream / And in my dreams / I’m Christmasing with you…”

5. “I Never Knew the Meaning of Christmas” by NSYNC

Relive the awesome ’90s by having your man sing you this ballad by one of the best boy bands of all time, NSYNC. Justin Timberlake-like voice or not, we bet he’ll have you sighing happily at these romantic lyrics.

Lyrics to Slow Dance To: “I wished on a star / And girl, here you are / Suddenly I realize / That I never knew the meaning of Christmas / ‘Til I looked into your eyes…”

6. “This Gift” by 98 Degrees

While we’re on the topic of boy bands, let’s not forget the more mature but no less crushable quartet 98 Degrees. This offering from their Christmas album is the perfect song to listen to while you and your man exchange gifts—or “exchange gifts.” You know what we mean.

Lyrics to Slow Dance To: “I feel the magic whenever you’re near / I feel it even more this time of the year / ‘Cause I love you, girl / I always will / And now I know the moment is right / The moment is right…”

7. “Let It Snow” by Boyz II Men

From boy bands, let’s move on to men. This “Let It Snow” isn’t the upbeat tune you might expect; instead, the Boyz II Men original is tailor-made for slow dancing and everything else that might lead to.

Lyrics to Slow Dance To: “Oh, come over here / And help me trim the tree / I wanna wrap you up / Baby, then you’ll see / You’re the only present I need…”

8. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” by Sam Smith

We love the raw emotion that this year’s breakout crooner, Sam Smith, lends to this holiday staple. His stripped-down version of Judy Garland’s “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” is one song you and your man can enjoy whether you’re a new couple or a happily married mom and dad.

Lyrics To Slow Dance To: “Through the years, we all will be together / If the fates allow / Have a shining star upon the highest bough / And have yourself a merry little Christmas now…”

9. “Merry Christmas Baby” by Christina Aguilera featuring Dr. John

Trust powerhouse songstress Christina Aguilera to put a sultry spin on Johnny Moore’s Three Blazer’s track. Her version is made even sexier by Dr. John’s jazzy vocals and amazing piano skills.

Lyrics to Slow Dance To: “Well I’m, I’m feeling mighty fine / Got good music, music on my radio / Well I, I wanna kiss you baby / While we’re standing underneath the mistletoe…”

10.  “Snowflakes of Love” by Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton’s trademark vocals shine through in this original song, which highlights the most important gift of the season—the love of the people we hold most dear.

Lyrics to Slow Dance To: “Candlelight burning bright / Underneath a cool, starry night / You and me, endlessly, it’s the greatest gift / That love could give to me…”

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