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Shelf Em’ Girls: The Art of Wearing a Shelf Bra

Shelf Em’ Girls: The Art of Wearing a Shelf Bra

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The shelf bra goes by many names: open-bust bra, open bra, quarter cup bra, tipped-out bra, boob-out bra. But whatever name you use, the concept is the same: it’s a bra that rests under your breasts without covering your bust region, hence the name shelf bra.

I know; it sounds confusing.

Why would your girls need a shelf? And how do you even wear a shelf bra?

What is a Shelf Bra?

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A shelf bra has double layers that rest between the outer bra material and your breasts. It has a thin yet supportive double padding. The placement, however, is different from other bras since it doesn’t directly sit on your bust.

A shelf bra holds your girls up without exposing the top or middle bust region, which makes your boobs look rounder and fuller. But due to the way it’s designed, the shelf bra fashion can feel limited. You can’t wear it under casual or formal outfits, but it seems perfect for intimate wear. Think date nights and Netflix and Chill.

Still, worn right with the right clothes, your shelf bra can complement your tank top, dress or deep-neck outfit. They also double as lingerie pieces worn by women or men to impress their partner. On the other side of the spectrum, you can’t wear shelf bras regularly when you want a supportive and comfortable bra.

So how can you make a shelf bra work for you?

One Bra, Multiple Uses: How to Wear a Shelf Bra?

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First, you can wear your shelf bra as lingerie. Shelf bras lift and support your girls and at the same time, flatten your bust, which makes you look sexier than when you’re nude. You’ll feel better in your skin when you wear this ultra-revealing lingerie, even if the idea of wearing lingerie initially scared you.

Second, try your shelf bra with a low-cut top. It can be difficult to find a functional use for an open-cup bra. However, the half coverage offered by shelf bras works well with low-cut dresses and tops. Since a shelf bra covers only the bottom half of your breasts, you can wear an extremely low-cut dress or top without worrying about the cups of your bra showing.

Finally, you can wear your shelf bra with regular clothes if you want to add a sexy touch. Wear a shelf bra cami under any clothes that you usually wear without a bra.

What are the Perks of Wearing a Shelf Bra?

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  • No padding. The lack of padding guarantees breathability and comfort — two words we don’t often associate with bras. Although some shelf bras do have padding, the padding functions as a supportive layer for the bra instead. Plus, the pads don’t dig into your skin.
  • Rounder breast appearance. The unique selling point of shelf bras is how it makes your breasts look. The design of shelf bras gives natural padding and elastic band support without the underwires. These features give your breasts an effortless and natural bounce.
  • Compression. Shelf bras offer good compression for support. The compression is a fabric that goes across your breasts, which pushes gently into them to keep them in the right place. That means no more bulges or bounces.

Who needs regular bras when you can explore your sultry side with shelf bras?

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