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5 Simple Self-Defense Tips Every Pinay Should Know

5 Simple Self-Defense Tips Every Pinay Should Know

With the holiday season just around the corner, you can count on Christmas bonuses to be within your reach, too. Unfortunately, it’s also a time for vigilance, due to the rise of various modus operandi during this season.

Image by Fort Bragg via Flickr Creative Commons
Image by Fort Bragg via Flickr Creative Commons

Here are a few basic self-defense tips to equip yourself with:

1. Target pressure points.

You know how guys cringe and fall down on their knees when someone kicks them in the groin in movie scenes? That area is sensitive to pain just as it is to pleasure. Other sensitive pressure points are the neck, eyes, knees and nose.

2. Bring pepper spray.

If you’re not exactly the athletic type, a handy pepper spray would do. Aim for the eye area to momentarily blind and distract the thief.

3. Kick the knees.

Giving the thug a hard boot on the knee will make him wobble and fall. Your knees are integral when it comes to walking and running, so with a momentary jerk, the robber will find it difficult to go after you.

4. Aim for the jugular.

When possible, go for the jugular. Choking the thief will make it hard for him to breathe and disarm whatever weapon he or she has.

5. Cut off the airway.

Boxing or kicking the pickpocket in the stomach or gut will temporarily knock the air out of him. Use this moment to disarm your attacker, as well as to get away and call for help.

This Christmas season, being extra careful is imperative. Be wary of your surroundings, stay alert and keep safe by learning a few moves you can use to defend yourself.

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