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5 Healthy Reasons to Kiss Your Guy More Often

5 Healthy Reasons to Kiss Your Guy More Often

Kissing is a social pleasantry. It’s the best way to end a date, show affection, and seal the promise of romance.  We know that if it were possible, you could stay glued to you significant other’s sweet lips without tiring.

Sadly, there’s also a negative view of kissing, as some consider it as a means for viral infection to spread via bodily fluids. The locking of lips does not necessarily mean exchanging of diseases, though. Kissing actually carries some health benefits! So if you need an excuse for a make out session, keep reading.

Photo by Geo Cristian via
Photo by Geo Cristian via


1. It helps you burn carbs.

What better way to remove excess carbs than by locking lips with your man? In a CNN interview, Andréa Demirjian, author of Kissing: Everything You Wanted to Know about One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures, said that a vigorous smooch burns 8-16 calories. It’s not much compared to a 30-minute workout, but it’s a start.

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2. It’ll amp up your happy hormones.

Smooching prompts your brain to release high levels of serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine—otherwise known as the feel-good chemicals. This is not only vital to maintaining that elated feeling; it can also strengthen your relationship.

Psychotherapist Arthur Janov, Ph.D., director of the Primal Center in Santa Monica, California, and author of The Biology of Love, regards oxytocin as the hormone of love. According to him, higher levels of this hormone provide bigger capacities to love. He further explained, “We have found that those who cannot commit in a love relationship are low in oxytocin.”

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3. It’s a great way to test compatibility.

Wanna know if you and your man are right for each other? Then kiss away! Kissing serves as a compatibility barometer for couples. A smooch serves as a game-changing measure for many men and women. In her study entitled “Sex Differences in Romantic Kissing among College Students: An Evolutionary Perspective” published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, Professor Sarah M. Hughes found that women utilize kissing as a mate compatibility checker and bases the possibility of a relationship on the first kiss.

If your reaction to your first kiss is “meh,” give your partner a second chance. But if the second time still sucks, you might have to think twice.

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4. It’ll boost your immunity.

It may sound weird, but swapping spit is actually a great way to avoid sickness, especially if the kissing results in sex. A study conducted at the Wilkes University found that people who had sex once or twice a week increase their levels of immunoglobulin, an infection-fighting antibody. Another research in the journal Medical Hypotheses said that lip locking increases a woman’s immunity against Cytomegalovirus, a common virus.

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5. It’s an effective way to relieve stress.

By the end of the day, you’re probably spent and drained by the challenges you face on the job and in your personal life. This feeling arises from our bodies’ natural response to stress: cortisol.

Get rid of those excess stress levels by smooching with your man as soon as you get home. Dr. Sharon Stills, a naturopathic physician, pointed out that kissing can reduce cortisol levels. Reduce the levels of stress by stealing a kiss from your man and repeat if necessary!

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So there you go. Happy kissing!

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