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6 Health Benefits of an Active Sex Life

6 Health Benefits of an Active Sex Life

Aside from the pleasurable experience that doing the deed can give, one must be aware that there are several health benefits of what an active sex life can do for you. You can pretty much say that the more sex you have, the healthier your overall health can be. Don’t believe us? Read this list of the benefits from having sex regularly—that is, a few times a week. And if you’ve been dithering about making that booty call, we hope reading this will have you picking up the phone!

Image from Love & Other Drugs courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
Image from Love & Other Drugs courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

1. It improves your heart rate.

According to a study done by the American Journal of Cardiology, people who have more sex are less inclined to be at risk of getting a heart problem. Another study done by the New England Research Institutes mentioned that men and women who had once a month or even less time doing the deed were at “50% greater risk of cardiovascular disease than those who had sex more than once a week.” This is a good reason to initiate sexytime with your partner tonight.

GIF via Giphy
GIF via Giphy

2.  It keeps your immune system up and running.

People who have sex on a regular basis are less likely to get sick often. According to Yvonne Fulbright, PhD, and a sexual health expert “people who have sex have higher levels of what defends your body against germs and viruses.” That doesn’t automatically mean though that you no longer eat a balanced meal, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly, though!

GIF of Vampire Diaries via   Giphy
GIF of Vampire Diaries via Giphy

3. It’s a great cold-buster.

Nothing is ever sexy about constant sneezing and having the sniffles. If you happen to almost always have colds, shagging on a regular basis helps your body produce immunoglobulin, an antibody that helps you fight the onset of flu and colds. This is according to a study conducted by the Wilkes University in Pennsylvania.

GIF via Giphy
GIF via Giphy

4. It gives you healthier skin.

There’s a better and definitely more inexpensive way of getting that youthful glow without having to resort to complicated beauty rituals—that’s regular sex. Sex on a regular basis helps your body release estrogen, which makes you look young and healthy. In a study conducted by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, those who had sex at least four times a week were perceived to be seven to 12 years younger than their real age. Now, that’s what we call a natural age defying solution!

GIF of The Parent Trap via Giphy
GIF from The Parent Trap via Giphy

5. It’s an effective pain reliever.

Good news for those who suffer from headaches or migraines on a frequent basis. Women were found to get relief after they climaxed in a study at the Headache Clinic in Southern Illinois. “The endorphins that are released during an orgasm closely resemble morphine, and they effectively relieve pain,” according to Dr. Cindy Meston, Director of the Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory at the University of Texas. So the next time you’re having a headache, instead of requesting for a rain check on that hot date in bed, ask your partner to bring it on.

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GIF of Meryl Streep via Giphy
GIF of Meryl Streep via Giphy

6. It makes for a better night’s sleep.

When you’re looking to hit the sack or de-stress, great sex is the solution. This is because during orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released. According to Dr. Meston, “Prolactin levels are higher when we sleep, which suggests a strong relationship between the two.”

GIF of Friends via Giphy
GIF from Friends via Giphy

So the next time you’re thinking of passing up on an awesome session in bed, remember the list of health benefits which should be enough encouragement for you to get down and dirty with your partner.

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