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5 Ways You Can Make 2016 Special

5 Ways You Can Make 2016 Special

A lot of people see every new year as a chance to turn over a new leaf. Resolutions are made in hopes of trying something new, making a change in yourself, or correcting things that have gone wrong in the past year. To help you on your journey to making your 2016 the best year it could possibly be, here are some things that you can do to ensure a productive and memorable year!

Image by Catherine McMahon via Unsplash
Image by Catherine McMahon via Unsplash

1. Master a new skill.

2016 is a great year to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Why not try learning to play the piano or the guitar? Perhaps you could have a go at painting or sketching, or attend sculpting classes. Do something that you’ve never even tried to do before! A lot of people tend to think that a skill is something you have to be born with – convincing themselves that they shouldn’t bother starting anything new and unfamiliar. But what people don’t realize is that a skill is simply something that is done repeatedly until your muscles and your mind make it a vivid, hard-coded memory.

The only way to be good at something is to keep on doing it until you get it right. And who knows, maybe this new skill you’ll learn will open up more opportunities for you in the future.

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2. Get yourself more “me-time.”

Humans are very social creatures, and being such makes us more inclined to put all our time and effort into pleasing other people around us. We are, after all, a member of a society where norms have to be followed. However, people forget that in order to be extremely happy and content, you have to give time for yourself as well. You can never truly love and care for other people if you do not show yourself the same courtesy.

Start making self-appointments! Promise yourself a day of each week where you will do nothing but things you like doing yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s just curling in the corner to read a book, or watching a movie you’ve been dying to see but nobody in your immediate circle is interested in, or perhaps just playing that video game you bought and have been itching to start. If going to the gym alone is what makes you unwind, then do it! Pamper yourself, and I assure you that the more fulfilled you are in terms of addressing your own wants and needs, the better you will be with other people.

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3. Forget selfies; shoot videos instead!

The first thing anybody does once they visit a new place is take a selfie. You’d be lucky if you could get that nice vista view in at least 50% of the photo space. But selfies only focus on the people who are there, as that’s all they are really meant to be. Most often, the actual experience that you were initially trying to share to everyone is lost.

Take a video instead! Sure you could allot a few seconds of face time to say hi to everyone and explain where you are, but the rest of the video could be set aside for that majestic balcony view you have in front of you, or that crazy canoe ride with your friends. Nothing beats being able to share with others what you have just experienced right in a first-person field of view!

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4. Start a travel fund piggy bank.

People should stop thinking that traveling is a luxury and only a rich man’s hobby. Not only are there beautiful hidden spots that can be accessed with a tiny budget, but getting to the more famous destinations isn’t impossible either. You can start saving up for your travel fund in January and I assure you, you’ll have more than enough for a nice vacation before the year ends–maybe even two!

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5. Build a relationship with someone new.

Yes, we know you’re content with your little circle of friends. But, it never hurts to go out of your way and meet somebody new! Maybe it’s time to strike up a conversation with that guy at work who you’ve never really spoken to but seems like someone you could get along. Or maybe that girl at the coffee place who you always bump into in the morning on the way to work. Try to befriend a stranger at the start of the year and make it a commitment to keep the friendship throughout the whole year. Who knows, maybe it could even blossom into something more?

GIF from Anchorman via Tumblr


There are lots of other ways to make your 2016 special. Open your heart and mind to new experiences, and everything will go a long way. Leave a comment sharing some of your plans for making this year an unforgettable one!

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