5 Incredible Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss Out On When Traveling Solo

With the rise of more affordable airfare, travelling solo is now almost on everyone’s to-do list.

Whether you’re just looking out for piso fares or you’re embarking on a solo trip very soon , try out these suggestions below to make your trip more unforgettable.

1. Try different types of public transportation.

And, no, you don’t have to have a destination. Take the train from Point A to the last station, and just enjoy the scenery. Ride a tuktuk, and enjoy the breeze. Catch a non-tourist bus with live chickens and boxes of vegetables. Ride a ferry to get to the other side of the city. Each country has their unique transportation system, and you’ll experience how the locals go about their business.

GIF from Garden of Word via Giphy

GIF from Garden of Word via Giphy

2. Befriend a local.

Now, just to be safe, your best bet would be a sweet old lady or a schoolgirl. Get to know how they go about their day, or get insider info on the best eats in town. Ask them to recommend places or activities that most tourists don’t know about. Practice useful expressions in the local dialect with them. You might just gain a friend for life.

GIF from Parks and Recreation via Giphy

GIF from Parks and Recreation via Giphy

3. Watch the sunrise.

At least once during your trip, wake up early enough to see the sunrise. Write down your thoughts in a journal while enjoying the view. How do you feel about being in a new country? What new things do you want to try out today? What have you learned about yourself so far? An early-morning reflection can make your trip more meaningful.

GIF via Giphy

GIF via Giphy

4. Set a theme for the day.

If you’re a book lover, set a day dedicated to visiting famous libraries or bookstores. If you’re obsessed with architecture, research on unique buildings nearby and sketch them. Love pets? Visit the city’s dog and cat cafes, or take a walk in the park and befriend the locals’ dogs!

GIF by Luke Shepard via Giphy

GIF by Luke Shepard via Giphy

5. Sit on one spot, and just be there.

Sometimes, there’s so much pressure to try everything, or take as many pictures as you can, or do the same things your friend did when she was there that you end up feeling overwhelmed.

Take some time to just sit in a quiet place, maybe at a park or at the train station, and just relish the feeling of being in a new place. Listen to the sounds, or watch the people passing by. Don’t take pictures. Just be in the moment.

The author with a sleepy deer in Nara, Japan

The author with a sleepy deer in Nara, Japan

Remember, each travel experience is unique. You don’t have to follow everything in the guidebook — just make every moment count.


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