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8 Dog Rescue Videos to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

8 Dog Rescue Videos to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

In a world full of poverty, war, and the massive traffic jam that just seems to worsen in EDSA, it’s easy to get caught up in a dark, cynical cycle. For pet parents and the everyday pet lover, it’s also easy to be jaded, thanks to everyday injustices done to our furry pals all around the world. But good things do happen, and there are people who will go out on a limb for the sake of canines in distress.

We found some pet rescue videos that will take you on several dogs’ journeys, how humans have helped them overcome their obstacles and hopefully helped rehabilitate them on the way to their happily-ever-afters. Just a word of caution: some of these videos contain blood, so watch with caution if you are squeamish.  Also, be prepared to shed a tear or two (you can partly blame the weepy ballads that serve as background music). The learning and the feelings after watching each video are all worth it, and hopefully would inspire us to support pets that need help locally, and help them find better homes as well.

1. Senior Dog Mufasa Is Rescued at a Water Treatment Facility

One of the newer rescue videos of Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization Hope for Paws, this video reminds you that even older dogs deserve a second chance at life.

2. Fiona Is Saved from the Trash Heap

The dog in this touching video was had visual impairments in both eyes at the time of her rescue, but thanks to loving and expert care, vision is restored in one eye.

3. Dougie Is Rescued After Being Abandoned.

Dumped on the streets and left to meet his fate on his own, Dougie had grown to distrust humans, but some TLC from a special woman helps him learn to love again.

4. Tiny Lulu Is Rescued After Being Hit by a Car

In her rescue video, Tiny Lulu was initially savage.  But after the rescue and regular doses of love and affection from humans, she was eventually restored to her original good temper.


5. Three-Legged Dog Watson Gets a New Lease on Life

It took some time for the rescuers to help Watson. They originally thought he had a broken leg, but they soon realized that the leg was missing entirely.

6. Preggy Pit Bull Lollie Finds a Good Place to Birth Her Pups.

The video shows how rescuers had to coax the heavily pregnant Lollie into trusting them. After being rescued, she gave birth to nine healthy pups.

7. Daring Rescue of Biggie the German Shepherd.

Biggie gets trapped in an embankment off the Los Angeles River, and a kind soul helps the dog out, finding ways to get past the dog’s fear and distrust.

8. A Desert Rescue Op Saves Sunna, Tanami, Sahara, and Moses.

In another daring rescue, four dogs abandoned by their owners were rescued from the scorching heat of the Mojave Desert. Two of the dogs had developed life-threatening diseases.

Looking for ways you can help get in on the rescuing of pets just like these right here in the Philippines? Visit the websites for the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and for Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) Philippines.

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