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Sunscreen Tips You Should Swear By

Sunscreen Tips You Should Swear By

Sunscreen and sunglasses by the beach
Sunscreen and sunglasses by the beach
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Slathering on some sunscreen before you head out is always important. Even though summer is out, the sun is never really away even on a cloudy day. Whether you’re going on your regular commute or going on an out of town trip with your best friends, make sure to put on some sunscreen.

While the sun’s good for you, too much can damage your skin. Here are some reminders to keep your skin protected.

Don’t Be Matipid

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It won’t do you good to apply a pea-sized amount of sunscreen to various parts of your body. Make sure to use a generous amount and spread it evenly.

Once is Never Enough


Like putting on make-up, your sunblock needs retouching, too. Don’t be lazy. If you feel like you’ve been in the water for way too long, step out and apply another layer. If you’re not taking a dip, slather on another layer every two hours.

Apply it Before Facing the Sun

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Most people apply sunscreen when they’re already out in the sun. This shouldn’t be the case, as you should be applying it 15 to 20 minutes before heading out. This way, your skin absorbs the sunblock and gives you the protection you need.

Get Naked

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When at the beach most women apply sunscreen right after wearing their swimsuits and this, unfortunately, is wrong, as you should apply it while you’re in the nude. The sun’s rays can penetrate your swimsuit, so it’s best that you also put it on the parts that will be covered, as well.

Apply Spray Sunscreen with Your Hands

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Spray sunscreen is a popular option because of its convenience, however, there’s the risk of accidentally inhaling the spray’s ingredients. Apart from this, it can get a bit windy so applying it in these conditions can be such a hassle. It is recommended that you spray this onto your hands first and then rubbing it all over your body.

Important Spots You Shouldn’t Forget

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Apart from your arms, legs, and face, there are some spots that you may be forgetting when putting on sunscreen.

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Your ears need protection, too, so make sure you put the excess from your hands onto the front and back of these delicate babies. Never leave your neck and nape unprotected. Make sure that you apply sunscreen in these areas to avoid sagging.

Your lips are just as thin and delicate, which is why you also need to protect it. A lip balm that has at least an SPF of 30 should do the trick. Prolonged sun exposure can also take a toll on your scalp. This can make your scalp dry, flaky, and itchy. So, put on a hat or a scarf for protection.

The sun is your friend, but with its rays glaring at you, your skin will suffer. Get a picture-perfect tan that your skin will thank you for. Listen to Emma Watson.

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