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Minimalism: A Skincare Diet to Try

Minimalism: A Skincare Diet to Try

In my last article, I discussed the wonders of minimalism in makeup. Less is more beautiful, I said.

The same can be said to our skincare routines.

Sometimes, all you need is three things to achieve a skincare miracle
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If you’re into practicing the 10-step Korean skincare routine, you’d probably be like, “Wait, what?”

Let me explain, sis.

Skip-Care: A New Trend in Skin Care

A cleanser is enough in this new skincare trend called “skip-care”
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Korea, where the popular 10-step skincare regimen began, introduced yet another routine to beauty enthusiasts called the “skip-care.” Unlike its 10-step predecessor, this new routine reduces the number of steps in your regimen by using products that can “multi-task” (meaning you can use them for other skincare needs).

A year after skip-care’s introduction, tons of skincare enthusiasts picked up the habit and went on a skincare “diet” by downsizing their regimen.

Interested in going back to basics with your skincare? Here are the basics.

 A Simplified Form of Skin Care

Simplified skin care may be beneficial for all skin types, sis
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Going on a “skincare diet” is almost like practicing the skip-care trend except the former’s goal is to apply a minimal approach to your routine whereas the latter pares down your product and ingredient load to just the essentials. Think of it this way: you’re giving your skin a break from the products it doesn’t need. Instead of religiously practicing 10 steps, you’re reducing your routine to just the cleanser and moisturizer.

It’s worth a try since not all skin types benefit from lengthy routines.

Also, using more products does not always guarantee the best results. Some people experience the “glass skin” promised by the 10-step method, but there are others who experience adverse reactions from applying multiple products.

For this reason, people are skipping their beloved ampoules and essences.

When Should You Go on a “Skincare Diet?”

Look at all the counter space you can have without all the products cluttering your sink
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Anyone can cut down the products they use in their current skincare routine, but if you are in one of the following situations, you may need to go through a skincare detox:

  • When you used to have good skin but have been developing blackheads, whiteheads, or inflammatory acne from the use of multiple skincare products
  • When your skin is itchy, irritated, red, or sensitive from using too many products
  • When you’ve been religiously following the 10-step skincare method but have not seen any results

When I ditched facials, I resorted to the 10-step skincare method and invested on plenty of products in an effort to improve my skin. At first, I thought I could see changes since my skin wasn’t as red as it used to be. But a few months in, I realized that these products weren’t doing anything for me. I still had pimples on my cheeks and my T-zone was oily af.

I decided I needed to ditch more stuff. Apart from saying goodbye to a full face of makeup, I reduced the number of products I used.

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Steps to take When Going on a Diet

Although we’re free to add or remove steps as we see fit, some non-negotiables that will help your diet work.

Your must-haves should include the holy trinity of skincare: a mild cleanser, moisturizer, and daily sunscreen application. You can still include a few things, like a toner (to cleanse off dirt) and the weekly face mask, but consider skipping the ampoules, face mists, etc.

For me, I’m quite happy with my current routine:

  • Kojic soap (for my oily skin)
  • Maybelline Micellar Water (for toner)
  • Mediheal Tea Tree Oil face mask (once every two weeks)

It’s simple, but it does the work!

Thank you to my skip-care-like new routine, I can go out with minimal makeup!
Photo from the writer

Apart from giving your skin “The Chill Pill,” the skincare diet also saves you thousands of pesos on products.

A Friendly Reminder

Give your new skincare routine a try for a week or two. If it works, congratulations! If not, your dermatologist can help. Before you do anything drastic to your current routine, seek professional advice first.

Even in skincare, less is beautiful. Try it for yourself and share us your skincare diet story. Happy dieting!

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