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5 Times James Reid Gave Us Major Kilig

5 Times James Reid Gave Us Major Kilig

Seriously, what’s not to like about James Reid? We have become major OTWOL (that’s On the Wings of Love for the uninitiated ones) fans because of this 22-year-old hottie. After all, just looking at him for several minutes on our TV screens is enough to take our workweek stress away.

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but we’re totally looking forward to Monday nights because we just can’t wait for our OTWOL kilig fix. So, we can’t be any happier that James Reid isn’t lacking in the kilig department on Instagram. Here are some “aww”-inducing photos of him and Nadine that will surely make you giddy all through the night!

1. There’s something about the sunset that makes everything oh-so romantic.

2. How sweet is this birthday surprise? Can we get a hug too, James?

3. Clark and Leah look every bit a married couple in last week’s episode…

… and with these eyes staring at you, how can you not get carried away?

4. Doesn’t get more candid than this, indeed. We’d love to know the story behind the photo, but we just keep getting distracted by how hot he is. #wecantgetmorecandidthanthis

5. Just look at those eyes. If we were Nadine, we’d be swept off our feet, too.

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