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MJ Lastimosa and Markki Stroem Talk about Gadgets

MJ Lastimosa and Markki Stroem Talk about Gadgets

During the launch of Lenovo Philippines’ Yoga Tablet 2, we got a chance to talk to the brand’s new celebrity ambassadors: beauty queen and dancer MJ Lastimosa and singer, actor, and model, Markki Stroem. The two gamely talked about gadgets, with MJ dishing out her top three electronic essentials and Markki sharing advice on how to properly take care of our devices. Want to know more? Scroll down below!

MJ lastimosa

MJ on her must-have gadgets:

  1. Cell phone–“I really feel naked without a cellphone,” she says. “I always have to keep in touch with my family and friends. Kung ‘di ko sila ma-text, I freak out.”
  2. A good camera–“Even if cell phones offer great cameras, I just can’t capture [great photos without a regular camera]. A camera is still different, especially if you love traveling like me. Sometimes a cell phone is not enough.”
  3. Laptop–“It may be for the office, or for school, or for just browsing the Internet. It’s just better to have a laptop.”


Markki on how to take care of gadgets:

  1. Don’t forget to buy cases to protect your new devices.
    Markki says this is the first thing he does whenever he gets a new the gadget. “To make sure that the screen doesn’t crack, get a screen protector,” he shares. He also makes sure to get waterproof casing–a lesson that he unfortunately had to learn the hard way. Markki says that his phone actually fell into the water while he was taking a bath, so getting a waterproof case for his phone became a top priority. “I never want that to happen again,” he adds.
  2. Be wary of overheating.
    “I once had a phone that overheated, and I want to avoid that,” he says. Give your phone a rest every now and then, as going on gaming or video-watching sprees could lead your phone’s battery to overheat. Also, make sure that you store your smart phone in room temperature to prevent overheating–that means leaving it inside a car on a sunny day is a definite no-no.
  3. Always have a proper bag for laptop or tablet for extra safety.
  4. Hold your gadget properly.
    “Make sure you don’t drop it,” Markki says. “You don’t want anything crazy happening. Don’t always take it seriously because if you [treat it] like it’s too fragile, you won’t take time to fully enjoy it.”

    Modern Filipina--Lenovo Markki and MJ
    Markki Stroem and MJ Lastimosa at the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 launch.





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