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#WeddingGoals: 5 Creative Wedding Ideas from Movies

#WeddingGoals: 5 Creative Wedding Ideas from Movies

Many brides-to-be have been there: planning the guest list, ordering bridesmaid dresses, worrying about the floral décor, hiring a photographer, food tasting, and deciding whether to have separate locations for the reception and the ceremony–among other things.

Image from Love, Rosie
Screencap from Love, Rosie courtesy of The Film Arcade

You may not notice it, but you’ll slowly turn into a bridezilla with all that stress and frustration, as your big day gets closer. Perhaps everyone around you is already giving you some serious advice, be it your mom, your aunt or your BFF.

It’s no secret how difficult it is to come up with cool ideas. This is where watching movies come in handy. It may not be the first thing that would come to your mind when you’re planning for your wedding day, but films are a perfect source of inspiration: from vows and décor to your wedding dress. Here are five wedding-themed movies to draw inspiration from:

1. The Big Wedding

One thing you’ll learn from this 2013 movie is that you can do your vows privately. Just the two of you. Sneak out from the ceremony for a moment and party with the guests afterwards. The Big Wedding is all about having messed-up parents, and inviting them to the wedding made the special day a bit challenging yet exciting. So, bride Missy (Amanda Seyfried) and groom Alejandro (Ben Barnes) decided to stay away from the crowd even for a while. Though your family may not be as big and extreme as that of the Ben and Missy’s, it’s a lovely idea to declare your love and commitment with just the two of you.

Image from The Big Wedding
Screencap from The Big Wedding courtesy of Lionsgate

2. About Time

This movie will prove that you don’t always have to wear white. You can choose a wedding dress with shades of mint green, purple, light blue or blush pink. You can also go for red just like when Mary (Rachel McAdams) tied the knot in About Time. Pick a color that will give you a fresh and romantic look–you can forego tradition and choose whichever color you want! After ll, it’s your Big Day.

Photo from About Time
Screencap from About Time courtesy of Solar Entertainment

3. I Love You, Man

Have you ever wondered what would happen if neither your mom nor dad could walk you down the aisle? Perhaps just the thought of it can make you lock yourself in your room and cry. Have no worry, though. If you still want an escort and make your day feel special, you may want to call your bridesmaids to do the job. They will be more than glad to help you.

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Image from I Love You, Man
Screencap from I Love You, Man courtesy of Dreamworks

4. Wedding Crashers

This film won’t only make you laugh but also teach you how to go to extreme lengths when it comes to wedding planning. Apart from telling you to fight for what you love, the comedy Wedding Crashers could give you inspiration on how to throw an awesome wedding reception.

Image from Wedding Crashers via Giphy
GIF from Wedding Crashers via Giphy

5. Sex and the City

Need fashion inspiration for your wedding? Turn to Sex and the City for ideas.

Photo from Sex and the City
Screencap from Sex and the City courtesy of New Line Cinema

These movies can surely make us cry, laugh, wonder, worry and understand many things about handling a relationship. But, there’s more to it than that. Chick flicks and romantic comedies can also teach us how to organize a fabulous wedding.

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