What Do You Think of AlDub’s “Face-to-Face” Encounter?

Kilig pa more indeed!

We still couldn’t get over AlDub’s “face-to-face” encounter on Saturday, September 5. The two finally met onstage after they duked it out as wildcard contestants in Eat Bulaga‘s “Bulaga Pa More” segment. Celebrity hunk Alden Richards performed a dance number, while YouTube dubsmash sensation Maine Mendoza (popularly known as “Yaya Dub”) showed off her skills in playing the drums.

The two then get a chance to see each other face to face on stage after their performances–their first ever, after several botched meetings in the past. They greeted each other with their famous “pabebe waves,” but, just when we thought they were finally able to hold hands IRL, Lola Nidora got in their way–literally–by placing a barricade between the two. In a matter of minutes, we went through a rollercoaster ride of emotions: kilig, excitement, shock, and sadness. We weren’t surprised that the two were in tears (because so were we, obviously). SO. MANY. FEELS.

But what do you think of their missed encounter? Do you think they should have met onstage, or are you looking forward to how they will find creative ways to communicate even if they haven’t seen each other in person yet? Let us know by leaving your comment below!

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