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7 DIY Beauty Treatments to Try

7 DIY Beauty Treatments to Try

Have you tried making your own beauty products? They’re surprisingly easy to make, and you could just get ingredients from your kitchen!

Photo from Return to Beauty the vook via Flickr
Photo from Return to Beauty the vook via Flickr

Want to give DIY a try? Channel your inner beauty goddess with these video tutorials:

1. Facial Mask

From the internet beauty guru herself, Michelle Phan gives us an easy homemade facial mask recipe that helps moisturize, whiten, and treat oily skin. She also shows us what she does with the leftover–make omelette!

2. Toner and Setting Spray

Makeup powder caking up your face? This video’s toner and setting spray can be your best friend.

3. Eye gel

Long nights could lead to dark circles and puffy eyes. Treat your peepers with this ski- tightening gel that has coffee, tea extracts, and aloe vera gel.  This recipe will last for one to two weeks and needs to be refrigerated.

4. Eyelash Gel

This video shows the natural tips for eye lash growth that will lessen your visits to the lash extension salon.

5. Bronzer

If you want to highlight your cheekbones, this video will be great for you. All you need are cocoa powder and cinnamon to create your own bronzer.

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6. Lip and Cheek Tint

Your blush powder not working for you? Let cheek tints come to your rescue. This homemade lip and cheek tint needs used lip balm, pink food coloring, and glycerin.

7. Lip Scrub

Are chapped lips one of your beauty dilemmas? Try this lip scrub recipe that uses honey and coconut oil.

Don’t know where to get the other ingredients? Castor oil and glycerin can be bought at drug stores. You could also pay the supermarket a visit for floral hydrosol sprays, aloe vera gel, and virgin coconut oil.

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