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8 DIY Christmas-Themed Nail Art Tutorials to Try

8 DIY Christmas-Themed Nail Art Tutorials to Try

Less than a month before Christmas, and if you aren’t feeling any holiday cheer, it may just be because you haven’t had the chance to prettify in holiday-themed outfits, makeup, and more. We thought we’d help you get into the spirit of things by finding you awesome tutorials on getting your tips and toes ready for the yuletide season.

Keep reading (and get watching) for a few DIY nail art tutorials that will have you singing carols as you apply the polish. Plus, if you like one of the designs but don’t want to bother doing it yourself, you can just as easily show the video to your manicurist next time you get your nails done.


1. Elegant Snowflake Nails

The luscious deep red color in this classy design is sure to be an eye catcher, and it should give you a boost of confidence as well. Don’t like red? This should work with rich jewel tones too.


2. Pink Icy Snowflake with Holographic Glitter Nail Art

Hoping for something a bit more whimsical (and glittery)? We’ve got you covered—this one will leave your fingertips pretty in pink, although we imagine you could use any candy color, and it would still look great.


3. Candy Cane Christmas Nails

This is not a design for nail nibblers as even those with a lot of self-restraint might find themselves tempted to munch on their tips while wearing this simple nail design.


4. String-of-Lights Holiday Nails

As you’ll learn from this tutorial, they aren’t kidding when they call this a “string” of lights design. It’s a job for the steady-handed, but we just love the fun-filled finished product.


5. Winter Tree Nail Art

We might not get white Christmases in the Philippines, but paint a wintry landscape on your tips, and it’ll be like looking through a frosty window whenever you look down. We imagine bright blue and green would work as backgrounds just as well as the red if you want something less attention-grabbing.


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6. Holiday Sweater Nail Art

Too hot to don a traditional knitted holiday sweater? That’s all right—wear it on your nails instead!


7. Sparkly Glitter Christmas Nails

Now, not everyone is great with nail art, but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out. These holiday glitter nails are a perfect way to bling up your look when you get ready for a round of Christmas parties.


8. Christmas Snowman Nail Art

Here’s a great design you might want to paint on your daughters’ and/or pamangkin‘s nails as well as your own. Then you’ll have matching sets!

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