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10 Easy DIY Tutorials for Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts

10 Easy DIY Tutorials for Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts

10 Easy DIY Tutorials for Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts
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Have you  prepared your gift lists already? Let me help you—I’m sure you need gifts for your parents, kids, siblings, family members, friends, office mates, and, oh, never forget your inaanaks!

But here’s the thing, as much as you might love to give them a very special present, your budget might be too tight for expensive gifts, especially if you’re planning to set aside some money to donate to those affected by Typhoon Hagupit. Even if you have worked to earn extra income for the holidays, sometimes that just doesn’t cover gifts for everyone you want to get a little something for. And you wouldn’t want to overspend this season only to end up broke in the new year, right? Aside from the holiday discounts and thrift finds that you can get from different bazaars and tiangges, why not make a personalized gift for everybody on your list? A Do-It-Yourself project, perhaps!

Here is a list of DIY video tutorials for gift ideas for the holidays (and even for the whole year round), all of which you can easily do at home. These are all fast, easy, and—don’t you ever forget it—inexpensive, these gifts could be your Christmas budget’s best friend!


1. Super Cute Penguin and Owl Pillows

No need to buy expensive stuffed toys for the kids on your gift lists! Now you can make them yourself. All you will need are some handy materials and your artsy hands. As any modern Filipina knows, you are only limited by your imagination, so why not make a huge cat pillow for your sister as well?


2. Arm-Knitted Infinity Scarf

Scarves are fun and functional cool-weather accessories you can wear in so many different ways. Learn how to create an Infinity Scarf in just 30 minutes by using a very simple arm knitting technique! This would be a great gift for your lolas and titas or just about any other lady in your life. Now, look for the best and most fab yarn colors!


3. Unique iPad and Tablet Cover

Learn how to make a customized iPad cover for just P300 or less! This is the perfect gift for your techie friends, but since tablets are becoming necessary accessories for even techie newbies, these are great gift items to have on stock, just in case there’s anyone you want to give a gift to whom you may have forgotten to list (or a friend or loved one surprises everyone by showing up to a reunion or party with a significant other in tow!).


4. No-Sew Fabric Hair Bows

Delight your kikay nieces by making them gifts of these fabric hair bows! Isn’t that mustache bow just too cute? This would also be a great project for moms and daughters to do together. They make perfect gifts for your daughter’s friends as well!


5. Pencil Case and Makeup Bag (No Sew and Sew)

Make a cute and easy case to store all your school supplies or pens and even your makeup! These would also be awesome for travel, for storing and organizing charging wires, USB cables etc. A perfect gift for your travel buddy!


6. Winter Wonderland Terrarium Snow Globe

Here’s a decidedly Christmassy DIY project! This is a fun and cute room decor piece. But I recommend canvassing for the best places in which to buy the needed materials for the cheapest price (we’re prioritizing budget here, after all).


7. Bath Jellies

The materials for this DIY project might be a little bit pricey, but you can make a number of gifts from a single preparation. So it’s still budget-friendly! These would be great gifts for your friends and office mates.


Note: The next few videos on this list contain more than one tutorial, which means more options and more fun!


8. Clay Key Chain Accessories, Mini Album, and Chocolate Candy

This video contains tutorials on how to make your own clay accessories, a mini album, and homemade chocolate candy. I personally loved the clay accessories, I never knew it was just that easy to make them. It ‘s not just best for a gift idea, either—if you have fun and develop your skill at making them, you could find yourself with a successful sideline!


9. Gifts in Jars

Are you a jar junkie? (I actually know a friend who’s really obsessed with Mason jars!) If you are, you’re sure to love these great and super cute DIY gift ideas in jars for all of your loved ones. Check out the Frosty the Snowman inspired gift idea—so cute!


10. Instagram Picture Frame, Unbaked Brownie in a Jar, Cute Candy Box, and a Customized iPhone Case

I was saving the best for last! The list of gifts you can learn to make from this video reads almost like “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” Your friends will definitely love this set of cool DIY gift ideas in this YouTube video. My personal favorite? That hassle-free unbaked brownie in a jar!


I’m really hoping that these bunch of Do-It-Yourself tutorials of cheap but easy gift ideas will help you have a hassle-free holiday! ‘til my next list! ♥ 



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