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Stay Radiant With These Post-Workout Skin Care Tips

Stay Radiant With These Post-Workout Skin Care Tips

Congratulations, you finally established a workout routine to stay in shape and to stay sane in one of the craziest years we’ve ever lived.

Down the line, you’ll see how regular physical activity boosts energy, keeps you alert, and makes you feel lighter — literally and figuratively. You may notice a subtle yet significant difference in your skin, too.

The post-workout glow is real, babe. A good workout routine keeps the blood pumping, circulates more nutrients throughout your body, and releases toxins that are keeping you from looking your ultimate best.

The initial glow can fade in an hour, but we have tips to help you maintain it.

Start with a Clean Slate — Literally

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Working out sounds more exciting when you know you’re getting that post-workout glow. But before you get started with your routine, make sure your skin is ready to sweat it out. First things first: go bare.

Your skin needs to breathe while you work up a sweat. And sweating causes pores to open up. So wipe off your makeup. It could clog up pores. Skip your non-comedogenic favorites, too, just to be safe.

If you’re working out outdoors, however, sweatproof SPF is a must!

Cliché As It Sounds, Stay Hydrated

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Supermodels are onto something when they say water is the secret to a great body and even better skin. Your body is made up mostly of water, so you have to stay hydrated from within. You need to drink water.

The body absorbs warm water faster than cold water. So no matter how tempting a tall glass of ice-cold water is after you work up a sweat, prioritize hydration and settle for warm water.

Take short water breaks in between your workout routine, too.

Wipe the Sweat Off, Wash Your Face

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Remember the start of the COVID-19 outbreak when everyone was saying to keep your hands off your face? Well, it’s the same for when you work out. Instead of your hands, use a soft towel to wipe off sweat.

Gently pat down your face with a towel to get rid of sweat and excess oil — don’t rub! Wash your hands thoroughly. Then, use a gentle cleanser to remove stubborn sweat and reveal glowing post-workout skin.

Do this right after working out to avoid skin irritation due to sweat.

Exfoliate to Enhance Your Glow

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If you’re going to take a rewardingly long shower after a good workout, what’s the harm in sparing a few more minutes to exfoliate your skin? This way, you avoid oil and dirt buildup that causes blemishes.

Be gentle when you exfoliate. Gently massage a decent amount of the product in upward motions to make sure you’re thoroughly getting rid of all excess oil and dead skin cells. Wash it off with water.

Exfoliate thoroughly to reveal clearer, more radiant workout glow.

Hydrate Some More with Moisturizer

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Drinking water before, during, and after your workout keeps you hydrated. But your skin could use a little boost if you want to keep the glow. Invest in a lightweight moisturizer that your skin can easily absorb.

After cleansing and exfoliating, lather on your trusted moisturizer to lock in your skin’s glow and hydration. It’s also a simple yet effective way to pamper yourself after stretching and straining those muscles.

Look and feel your best with these post-workout skincare tips.

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