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10 Hugot Lines for Soon-to-Be Brides

10 Hugot Lines for Soon-to-Be Brides

For most girls, planning their dream wedding has been in the works since they were in elementary school. So it’s just a natural response that soon-to-be brides are being meticulous, just to ensure that everything goes perfectly. That’s why it’s not surprising that there are a lot of hugot when it comes the actual planning of the big day.

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1. “FYI, hindi po ako buntis!

Sigh. Sometimes, people have a hard time being happy for others. Pregnancy rumors are often abound when engagements are announced. This mostly applies to soon-to-be brides that have been dating their beau for a few months/years. It’s as if people cannot wrap their minds around the idea that some couples do not need to be in a long relationship to know they’ve found the one. But frankly, this hugot line is also used by soon-to-be brides who’ve been with their fiances long enough but seem to be “in a rush” to get married. Honestly, can’t it be because the couple don’t want to spend another minute not being married?


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2. “Ikaw na bahala sa pagpili ng food. ‘Di ko naman makakain ‘yan sa kasal natin e!

Oh yes! This is such a sad sight during weddings. The couple picked out the best-tasting food, only to get none of it on their wedding day. After the ceremony, the bride and groom are rushed to a quick photo shoot and then the reception area. During the reception, they have to actively participate in the program. And come eating time, they don’t get to eat yet because there will be another photo shoot with the guests per table. Usually, couples will finally have the time to eat and relax after the reception itself. By that time, the food the have painstakingly selected won’t be of best quality.

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3. “So many choices, so little budget.”

When the brides were planning their weddings at the age of 10, no one ever mentioned that their dream wedding will cost a lot of money! The sad reality is that the cost of weddings increase every year. So even if the bride has already planned what ornament to decorate the tables or what design the veil is, it won’t matter if you don’t have the budget for it. Every few months, wedding fairs are being put up in the Philippines. And brides who attend get to see a lot of their inspiration and dreams come to reality. However, unless they’re prepping for their weddings really really really early, they might have to say goodbye to some of their ideas.

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4. (To your future husband) “Baka naman pwede mo akong tulungan. Kasal mo rin ito, diba?

Ah, the stereotypical fight between betrothed couples. It’s too hard to know when the guys have a say in the wedding planning. For some, it’s for the minor details like some of the food, the design of the wedding rings, and half of the entourage. For the others, their man must be involved in everything. But sometimes, your man just don’t want to be part of the “craziness” that is the wedding planning. So, before the start of the wedding preps, make sure to define you and your beau’s roles so this hugot line never comes up.

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5. “Ikakasal lang ako, biglang dumami relatives ko.

Weddings are great for family reunions! But what’s disappointing is you are forced to invited family members that you’ve never known before. This is mostly a request from your parents, or worse, you have to invite them because THEY will be hurt. You’re inviting them just so you don’t bruise their ego. What’s heartbreaking that you have to cut your friends from the guest list just so you can include these strangers.

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6. “Seenzoned ako sa’yo dati. Ngayong nalaman mong ikakasal na ako, ‘hi, hello’ ka na d’yan.

After many years, you lose touch with friends. Sometimes, it’s because you didn’t reach out or it’s because they were too busy. Bottomline is, they’re not part of your past but they’re not part of your present, either. But after you post that beautiful engagement ring, these long-lost friends suddenly get in touch with you, asking details about your wedding. If you’re nice and sensitive, you’ll give details and then shy away when they ask to be invited. If you’re brave and tackless, you straight up say that they’re not invited. Either way, it’s a very awkward situation.

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7. “No, your daughter/son will not be my flower girl/ring bearer.”

Speaking of awkward situations, when you’re a bride, it just seems so hard to say “no.” Since weddings are such a big event, a lot of people want to be part of it—whether as a supplier or as part of an entourage. To save face, you usually just say “We’ll see” or “My future husband is in charge of that”. But sometimes, people are so pushy you just have to say “No” to get them off your back.

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8. “Kaninong kasal ba ito: sa inyo o sa akin?

An another hugot that encapsulates another awkward situation for the bride-to-be. Aside from the couple, the wedding’s decision will come from the parents of the groom, parents of the bride, wedding planner, venue coordinator, family members, friends, and other suppliers. Sometimes, it’s just too much. It’s supposed to be THEIR wedding. As much as the bride and groom want their wedding to be personalized, sometimes it’s not going to come out like that. The worse part would be if the wedding is not out of the couple’s pocket. They’ll have lesser options of saying “no” to others’ opinion.

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9. “Excuse me, hindi ko ginagaya ang kasal mo!

Everyone’s getting married nowadays, it’s hard for your wedding to not be similar to some. It’s also not difficult to have some drama with your fellow future brides. When you’re friends with someone who is getting married as well, there’s a weird instance that you become frenemies. Of course, you’re friends so it’s not far-fetched that you have the same taste. But when you’re booking the same venue, same band, and then the same cake, sparks could eventually fly. Every bride wants their wedding to be one-of-a-kind. So, it’s a little personal when your friend seems to be copying your wedding pinterest ideas. It’s worse when your friend’s wedding is set before yours.

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10. “Hindi ako bridezilla!”

Ah, the Bridezilla title. As much as every woman wants to be a chill bride, sometimes circumstances happen that makes you lash out on everyone. Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. If you can keep your cool after the hundredth time you’ve called your coordinator to change the appetizers, then good job. If you can avoid breaking down when your designer tells you that your dress is not yet ready when your wedding is two weeks away, kudos to you! But one way or another, you will snap. And once you do, people will start calling you Bridezilla. Even if you just snapped that one time.

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After all the shenanigans, brides-to-be will learn that nothing is perfect. You’ll learn it most especially when your big day comes. When you encounter your first major disaster, breathe in and relax. Enjoy the day, it’s you and your future husband’s special day. Just to add a little smile on your face, here’s an extra hugot line for the Soon-to-be Husbands: “I try to help, you don’t want me to. I don’t help, you get mad. What do I do?”

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