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5 Barkada Activities That You Can Do in Manila

5 Barkada Activities That You Can Do in Manila

Planning your upcoming holiday reunion with your barkada? Why not forego the usual dinner and movie date and go for these creative activities instead:

Image by Paul Ramos via Flickr Creative Commons
Image by Paul Ramos via Flickr Creative Commons

1. Go on a food trip in Binondo.

If your barkada loves eating out, Binondo is the best place for a food trip (and historical tour, too). Leave enough room in your tummy for succulent dishes from the different restos around.

2. Take a Bambike tour in Intramuros.

Just how much of our rich history do you know? Tour the famous Walled City of Manila with your squad while on a bike made out of bamboo. Not only is it educational, it’s healthy too!

3. Visit an art museum.

Show our artists some love by going to a museum to view their work. Learn more about their chosen passion and their different works of art.

4. Pay it forward.

There are several organizations that need your help. Choose one that everyone in the group has an affinity to. Make the most of your spare time helping out others who need you. Not only do you get to enjoy what you do, others will also benefit from it as well.

5. Organize a garage sale.

With the Christmas season just around the corner, backyard sales would be a great way to earn extra. Donate your earnings to the church or a charity the group has chosen. This is the season to be generous, after all!

It doesn’t take a lot of money to spend quality time with your group. A little creativity and collective effort from everyone should make for a fun day well spent.

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