5 Telltale Signs He’s Not That into You

Dating is complicated; it involves enough ups and downs to drive a girl to insanity. Things get more complex when you’re dating a guy who seems really interested, but then maybe not. He says he likes you, but you catch yourself thinking twice. You call him up, he doesn’t answer. You want to give up on him, but the next thing you know, he sweeps you off your feet again. When a guy likes you, it’s pretty obvious. Unfortunately, the same can be said when he doesn’t.

Ladies, don’t waste your time on a man who acts like a light switch, turning on and off on a whim.  Here are 5 signs that your man isn’t as into you as you would like him to be:

1. He’s got no time for you.

“Sorry, honey, I’m busy.” How many times have you heard this line from him? If he uses it for the nth time for you coffee date invitation, it’s time to think twice. A man who flakes on you all the time should tell you one of two things. First, he’s probably not into you. Second, he’s not worth your time.

When you keep inviting him for dates, movies or games, and he just keeps turning you down or canceling at the last moment, it shows his disinterest in you. A guy who really likes you will exert every effort to see you. Despite his busy schedule, he’ll make time for you whenever he can. And when he does have to cancel, he’ll probably treat it more as a rain check and ask you out at another time.



2. He shows little interest in your life.

A guy who likes you shows excitement and interest in finding out more about you. If your man displays little or no interest, that’s bad news. When you date a guy who asks nothing about you, it shows his lack of interest. A guy who is interested will want to know everything and anything about you. He considers every little bit of information (like your favorite ice cream flavor) as precious as jewelry. His attraction drives him to know more about you.

If your man is not even interested in discovering more about you, what’s the point of spending any more time on him?


3. He forgets plans you’ve made or important things you’ve told him.

Important details, such as your birthday or the people who’ve inspired you in your life, but also major allergies and plans, remain branded on the brain of a guy who’s into you. A guy who has zero interest in you forgets. He’ll take you to a crab shack, completely forgetting you’re deathly allergic to shellfish, or to a steakhouse, when you are following a pescetarian diet. Maybe he’ll be mad when you won’t agree to make plans with him during the week you’re schedule to take that out-of-town trip you’ve been planning for months and months. To him, the information you share bears no importance. If you are constantly reminding him of every little detail, it’s time to stop. He’s showing you he’s got no space for you in his brain, so why are you wasting space on him in yours?


4. He flirts with you…but not only with you.

When a guy flirts with you, it can be flattering. Who wouldn’t fall for a guy who constantly pinches your cheek, winks at you, or flashes his boyish grin when he catches you peeking at him? Unfortunately, flirting is not a definite sign of a guy’s loyal attraction to you. He could be the type who enjoys playing around. If you think he’s flirting with you, see how he acts around other women. If he flirts with them, too, that could mean that all the little moves he made on you are more modus operandi for him than a genuine expression of his attraction.


5. He always leaves you guessing.

Don’t get us wrong; a little mystery in a relationship goes a long way, and there can be a lot of thrill in never knowing what you’ll be doing or where you’ll be going when you next meet up with a guy. But this cluelessness is not cool when it comes to where you stand with each other. When you spend all your time wondering what he means, if he’s genuine, if he cares, then it’s time to take a step back or ask him point blank where things are going between the two of you. And if his attitude has you questioning your self-worth, then it’s time to head for the door.


Men are not as complicated as we think they are. If a guy wants you, he’ll make his intentions clear through his words and actions. He won’t leave you hanging. There’s none of the mystery or doubts when it concerns the two of you. He’ll let you know.

Some guys prefer not to tell girls that they aren’t interested. They think that by staying silent, the feelings you bear will fade away. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. These five signs help you get the bigger picture. As painful as it may sound, sometimes it’s best to accept the truth.

Ladies, don’t waste your time on a man who leaves you hanging. He’s not worth it. Look for someone who will value your time, feelings, and your worth.

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