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10 Absolutely Essential Roles Your BFF Plays in Your Life

10 Absolutely Essential Roles Your BFF Plays in Your Life

Do you really need a best friend? Even though the idea of having a best friend is so high school, this person makes such a huge impact on your life, sometimes without your even realizing it. Your best friend is more than just the person you’ve been friends with the longest—in fact, it doesn’t necessarily follow that your oldest friend is your best one. Your true BFF is the person who knows you and loves and accepts all of you. More than that, this person is probably closer to you than your own siblings, and she or he would definitely make the list if you could choose your own family instead of being born to it.


Below, we list some of the reasons to make time for your BFF and appreciate the role she or he has in your life. And if you have more than one BFF? All the better!


1. A partner in crime (or weirdness)

A best friend is someone who you can be yourself with. She provides the right kind of comfort that you can never get from anyone else. You are so compatible both your kookiness and hers are even complimentary! In fact, you probably share some of the things you go nuts over, like your fandoms.

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2. Your insta-date

Single but never lonely is a single girl’s mantra when she has her best friend in tow. When there’s a movie you want to see, a museum you want to visit, or just hang around, your best bud is just one call away.

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3. A willing third wheel

And when you do find someone, but are still in the awkward phase, your BFF will always be there to check out the man candy. At the same time, your best friend also makes time for you even when she already has a date (making you the third wheel).  Who knows? It might be a setup, and she’s invited a fourth wheel just because she knows he’ll be perfect for you!

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4. Dispenser of second opinions

This goes for your favorite bonding activity—shopping! Who hasn’t shopped with a girl friend?  She’s the voice of reason on whether that dress makes your hips bigger or if the shoe is too lanky. Plus, she also spots pieces that she knows would look great on you! But it goes beyond sartorial decisions; she’s the one who gives you advice when you’ve got problems with your office mate, your significant other, and more.

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5. Your wallet’s extension

If ever you are running low on cash, having your BFF around would mean you are not going bankrupt anytime soon. She lends you money interest free, and probably won’t even pester you about it. Of course, though, the reason she doesn’t bug you about it and you are still best friends is that you pay her back in a timely fashion!

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6. A reliable one-person support system

You always run to her for help. She listens patiently and doesn’t mind that you’ve made her your sounding board. No worries, your BFF will always be there willing to listen even if she already has the tune you’re ranting memorized to the very last detail.

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7. Your secret keeper

Be it a little secret, like how irritated you are with your boss, or a big one, like the fact that you’ve cheated on your man, your best friend will always be the one you can trust to keep her lips zipped. Remember how we all knew that Harry Potter’s parents should’ve given the secret of their location to Sirius instead of Wormtail? Well, your BFF is your life’s Sirius Black. And your Ron and Hermione too, while you’re at it!

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8. Your motivational coach

Need a little confidence boost? For automatic compliments, talking to your best friend does the trick.  She appreciates you and isn’t afraid to tell you why. And even when she thinks you’re in the wrong, she’ll find a way to help you make things right.

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9. Your number one wingman (or wingwoman)

We don’t just mean in the parties and clubs. Your BFF is someone who has your back in good times or bad, someone who will fight in all your battles alongside you and even help you carry and bury the bodies, when need be!

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10. Your source of necessary brutal honesty

They just don’t listen, boost, and protect you; best friends call you out when you’re at your worst when it comes to harmful or self-destructive behavior. They tell when you are in the wrong and will be the first to say “get over yourself” when when you go into bitch mode. She corrects you and isn’t afraid to do so because she knows you love her for it—and, more importantly, she truly loves you and knows that you are a better person than even you know yourself to be.

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If you got to the end of the article, we’re sure you are going to want to touch base with your BFF. So go ahead and give her a call—or a hug, if she’s nearby. And don’t forget to share the love! Remember, best friendship goes both ways.

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