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Should I Give in or Keep it In – When is it Okay to Sleep with a Guy?

Should I Give in or Keep it In – When is it Okay to Sleep with a Guy?

Should I Give in or Keep it In - When is it Okay to Sleep with Him

Because we still live in a conservative country wherein some people will judge us depending on our sexual activities, we have constantly been bothered by the question of whether we should already sleep with a guy on the first date or wait till the 3rd, 4th, 5th, or nth date. A little surprise to you: it shouldn’t be about when you sleep with him as per dictated by society or whatever self-worth book you’ve been reading lately, but more of a matter of “Do you want to sleep with him NOW?”

Why do you want to do it?

Assess yourself. What could be the reason that has been pressuring you to decide on this? Since this is a decision that should be based on yourself, and not on what the guy is asking from you, your personal motives must be clear. You should want it because you want it and not because you are forced or pressured to do it by an outside force.

Who are you doing it with?

Honestly, it shouldn’t matter. Whether you’re still in the dating phase, in a relationship or just friends going out; if you feel like you’re emotionally and physically prepared for the deed, then it shouldn’t be much of an issue. Some women are just more comfortable with getting it over and done with to get rid of the awkwardness early on, while some prefer to wait until they’re exclusively dating or are in an actual relationship. Regardless, it shouldn’t matter because it is your body and it is your choice as to who you decide to sleep with.

Always be clear and prepared.

Know that having sex with someone may be the turning point in your relationship as to whether you will still continue to see each other or consider “not being sexually compatible” as a valid reason to end it all. Either way, if you are only doing it for pleasure, both parties should be clear about the issue, so no one will get hurt and expect things.Not everyone gets your wink as how you perceive it to be.

As a last reminder, keep in mind that your worth as a person can never be measured by your sexual activities. You can still be that successful career woman while having fun on the side as long as it’s your choice and you’re comfortable with it. It’s your body and your decision. Don’t let other people decide where you’d be happy or not.

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