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I Am a Woman, But I am Not…

I Am a Woman, But I am Not…

Modern Filipinas are no strangers to stereotypes. We’ve all heard the common labels: bad driver, computer noob, and the emotionally unstable mess. While some of them can be easily brushed off, others can be downright offensive. Sometimes, it’s due to outrageous sexist views or the culture’s collective beliefs about bearers of the XX chromosome.

Despite the burgeoning ideologies concerning women and equality, many aspects of the society still fall for these stereotypes. Some look down on us as the weaker sex: one meant for a quiet life at home who says nothing, hears nothing, and sees nothing.

There’s nothing wrong with living the meek and gentle label; however, there is so much more to us ladies than these old-age stereotypes.

We are women, but we are not

1. Always Moody

Image from 攝影家9號 - Photographer No.9 via Flickr Creative Commons
Image from 攝影家9號 – Photographer No.9 via Flickr Creative Commons

Most people see women as emotionally unstable creatures. Movies are never without that one heroine who is happy for a second and a hot mess the next. When you ask others to think of the first word that comes to mind when it comes to describing a woman, moody is one of the first things that come to mind.

True enough, we have our mood swings, but we are NOT always unstable.

Being moody is part of being a woman, all thanks to our hormones. On some days, we do feel fine; on others, we don’t. But, that doesn’t mean we are always after your blood in case you tick us off all of a sudden. There are just those times of the month when we feel down.

2, The Weaker Sex

Image from the MCAD Library via Flickr Creative Commons
Image from the MCAD Library via Flickr Creative Commons

It’s the old saying: This is a man’s world. Unfortunately, a number of misogynistic people live this mantra and choose to belittle women.

Just because some of us are smaller and more petite, that doesn’t mean we can’t do what a man can do. We live in an age where Filipinas are on the same standing as their male counterparts. In a generation that pushes for equality, it’s about time to recognize what we are capable of doing.

We are NOT the weaker sex. Today, we see countless of women fulfilling roles commonly designated to men. And they do it with pride, dignity, and quality work. If a man can do it, we can do it, too.

3. Overly Emotional

Image from _HAAF_ via Flickr Creative Commons
Image from _HAAF_ via Flickr Creative Commons

The image of a girl crying endlessly with boxes of tissue around her is too common. Most people think of women as this ball of emotions, ready to explode anytime. In their opinion, all we do is cry, beg, complain, giggle, and basically, express our emotions.

Let’s get this straight: We all feel emotions, it just happens that we girls are more expressive than our male counterparts. Contrary to the stereotype of pop culture, we don’t always stay huddled in the corner of our rooms eating ice cream and crying over a boy who rejected us.

We know how to control our emotions. Yes, we may cry more than guys, but we are not hot messes.

4. Defined by Physical Beauty

Image from Ronn aka "Blue" Aldaman via Flickr Creative Commons
Image from Ronn aka “Blue” Aldaman via Flickr Creative Commons

It’s sad to see a number of girls believing that looks define who they are. The world tells us to stay slim, have big breasts, and change our appearance if we wish to please others. If we don’t adhere to the standards of society’s beauty, we are not pretty.

That is a lie.

There is more to beauty than physical looks. As cliché as it may sound, every Modern Filipina is beautiful in her own way. While it pays to take good care of ourselves, we do not live to please other people’s standards.

If you define us merely by physical beauty, then you do not know what true beauty is. We are so much more than long lashes, sparkling eyes, and luscious lips. We are beautiful because we care, we make people happy, and we love others. Our laughter is infectious and we enjoy life with our friends and families.

Being a woman is one of the greatest privileges in the world. As women, we are not defined by the world’s stereotypes–and we are amazing just the way we are.

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