Love can come in different forms, in different ways, and at different times. Each kind of love is a different experience, though. It can all be with one person, or different with each relationship that you have. Which one do you have right now?

5. The Love You Discover

The 5 Kinds Of Love You Could Experience

The love you discover can either come quickly or build itself over time. Regardless of how you discovered it, you will realize it is a feeling you have never felt before. A new world has opened itself up to you, and you are eager to explore. You dip your toes into it, inch by inch, until you feel ready to submerge yourself in it. Sometimes it’s crazy; sometimes you’re crazy. Sometimes, you swim back to surface. The love you discover teaches you how to feel, how to react, and how to consider another person in your life. The love you discover can be your first encounter with love. This can be your first love and, sometimes, it can go unnoticed.

4. The Love You Settle Into

The 5 Kinds Of Love You Could Experience

The love you settle into is the kind of love that grows not because you purposefully wanted it to, but because you saw the potential and you went with it. Over time, as you go with the flow, it becomes comfortable; it becomes familiar. It reaches a point of convenience, and before you know it, you have settled into the love. It doesn’t necessarily feel like fireworks, but it always feels like enough.

3. The Love You Fight For

The 5 Kinds Of Love You Could Experience

The love you fight for tests your limitations. It tests you in so many ways: how far you will go, how much you can give, and how long you can wait. It isn’t always the best kind of love, but it is the kind of love that teaches you the most. You learn about yourself and you learn about love. However, in some cases, you can also forget about leaving a little bit of love for yourself. The love you fight for makes you feel weak a lot of the time, but you always come out stronger whether you win or lose the battle.

2. The Love That Wasn’t Love

The 5 Kinds Of Love You Could Experience

The love that wasn’t love didn’t mean any harm. It was fun and fulfilled a lot of your emotional needs. It was easy to hold onto, but much easier to let go than all of the other loves that you’ve had. Other people won’t always understand it, but you did. It never meant to disguise itself as a foundation for any strong relationship, but you simply felt something there, recognized it, and called it love.

1. The Love You Wait For

The 5 Kinds Of Love You Could Experience

The love you wait for is also known as the love that comes to you. It comes when you least expect it, and at a time when you think you aren’t ready. However, you will realize that all the experiences you had to go through have prepared you enough for the time when this love finds you. And when it does, you feel unexplainably happy. There is a sense of calmness and satisfaction, and excitement and worry. It’s an array of emotions that you deal with, but you don’t mind having. The love you wait for could be, might be, or will be.

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