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A Salute to Filipinas Fighting Against COVID-19

A Salute to Filipinas Fighting Against COVID-19

Heroes don’t always wear capes.

They don’t always dress in fatigues and step outside in chunky combat boots, either. Sometimes, the heroes we need are those who work silently to make a huge impact on the community. In the time of COVID-19 and the worst recession our country has experienced since the ‘80s, it’s time we pay tribute to some of these heroes who work tirelessly to assist the Filipino people.

Leni Robredo: Twitter’s Constantly Trending #BusyPresidente

At the helm of the fight is Vice President Leni Robredo.

Let’s be honest. The country’s coronavirus pandemic response is a far cry from the successful strategies of countries like New Zealand and Taiwan. But Vice President Robredo doesn’t let that discourage her.

The lawyer and social activist tirelessly works around the clock to ease the pandemic any way she can.

She’s been out and about since COVID-19 first hit the country. She and her staff distribute PPEs and food to frontliners, organize volunteers, and distribute donations accordingly. She interacts every day with health care workers, public officials, and private benefactors to determine the best course of action. And when the time came, she was confident in presenting an action plan that hopefully gets implemented.

On top of everything she does on a daily basis, the vice president remains a beacon of hope for many. “We have risen to so many other challenges,” she reminds us. And we will rise against this one.”

Angel Locsin: The Guardian Angel of the Filipino People

Another blessing to the Filipino community is philanthropist and actress Angel Locsin.

Nobody can forget Angel Locsin’s role as “Darna” in the 2005 TV drama fantasy action series by GMA Network. The show is already 15 years old and Angel is already with ABS-CBN, but she remains a superhero in the hearts of the Filipinos. She has a heart of gold to match her good looks, after all.

Angel has been lauded for invoking press freedom, defending the ABS-CBN franchise, and fighting for the thousands of people who lost their jobs when Congress voted yes to the ABS-CBN shutdown. But for far longer than that, she has been supportive of the medical frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis. She uses her influence to raise funds for test kits, medical equipment, and specialized tents.

Angel Locsin isn’t just a blessing to the Filipino people. She’s a real-life Darna who inspires many others to lift their voices, extend a hand, and do what they can to help the community.

The Medical Professionals: Those Who Risk Their Lives to Save Others

Nobody deserves greater praise than the doctors and nurses who bravely battle death every day.

If we have to pinpoint the greatest heroes of the Philippines in the fight against COVID-19, we can’t name one person specifically. Rather, we pay tribute to all doctors, nurses, and medical staff who render long hours every day to support the country’s already fragile health system.

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They’re doing the impossible.

The Philippines is fighting what seems like a losing battle against the pandemic. The number of positive cases continues to rise daily. Many hospitals are already at full capacity. And senior doctors asked for a “time out” in Metro Manila and surrounding cities to slow down virus transmission and to get back on track.

It’s not easy to stay calm and focused on the job when lives are literally at stake. But our health workers have the strongest will and an unmatched mindset that keeps them going even on the edge of burnout. That isn’t to say they don’t need help.

Raise awareness, donate when you can, and as much as possible, just stay at home. Let’s all play our part in making the situation better for everybody.

Stay healthy, stay vigilant, and stay at home when you can!

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