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What Would You Change Post-COVID?

What Would You Change Post-COVID?

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The pandemic hasn’t and will not magically end after we’ve exited 2020. Its social, political, economic, and psychological damages won’t disappear with the vaccine, either.

We’ve got to give it to scientists and medical researchers. They worked at breakneck speed and produced effective vaccines only nine months after the outbreak of one of the world’s deadliest pandemics. They brought us a step closer to a glorious life after COVID-19.

But the vaccine is only one aspect of the pandemic. It isn’t a ticket out of this global mess. It isn’t the holy grail that will instantaneously turn everything back to normal. To recover and thrive, we should take matters into our own hands.

Instead of covering New Year’s resolutions in general, we take on a more timely question: “What would you change about your life post-COVID?”

Be slow to anger. Put yourself in others’ shoes.

We asked a Modern Filipina how she’d change her life based on what she learned from the pandemic. “I’d give less f*cks over certain stuff,’ she said. “I’d be more understanding and slower to anger.”

J-Hope said it himself on the BTS song “UGH!” “There are thousands of reasons to get angry/But if it causes harm to someone else, stop,”  he snarls. Channel that energy into something healthy.

If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it’s that we’re all struggling in some way. So as you spent the last nine months trying to be kinder to yourself, why not do the same for others? Listen to them and empathize with them instead of being quick to judge or cancel other people.

Be smarter about what you spend money on.

woman snorkeling
Stop wasting your money on small, frequent online purchases. Instead of accumulating more things, collect experiences and live your best life after COVID. Photo by Daniel Torobekov on Pexels

Ask your friends and family about their New Year’s resolution and the most common trend is money management. We agree. The pandemic reminds us to treat ourselves but to be smart about it.

“I think, rather than spend on material things, I’d rather spend on experiences,” said one Modern Filipina. Another Modern Filipina agrees, saying that she should “no longer hesitate to spend for something meaningful, like travel.”

Saving is important, of course, especially with how COVID-19 disrupted the global economy. But you also have to let loose occasionally.

Don’t starve yourself of the experiences you deserve.

Be more outgoing. Live more adventurously.

two people with a smiley parachute
Live a little. When you’ve got a chance to be outdoors, do something you haven’t done before, before COVID-19 wrecked your plans. Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

“I’ll probably try to avoid canceling plans with friends,” shared one Modern Filipina. She explained that she would always “yes” to their invites, but almost always ended up ghosting them at the last minute. “But now I don’t even have plans I can cancel,” she laughs.

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“I won’t take for granted having the choice to go out or stay in,” another one chimed in. She shared that she’s practically forced to stay at home and that she misses having a choice in that matter.

“It was super easy to go to the movies or get with your friends before if you’ve gone too long without seeing each other. Now you have to quarantine just to staycation.”

Cabin fever, indeed, remains at an all-time high.

Be more appreciative of the little things.

two friends taking a photo of someone
Turn everyday moments, from walking outside to chatting with friends, into lasting memories. Appreciate the seemingly mundane in 2021. Photo by Kendra Kamp on Unsplash

When asked what she plans to do post-COVID, a Modern Filipina said: “I’m going to take more pictures, honestly.” We totally understand. It isn’t even about running out of things to post on Instagram. It’s about immortalizing the little moments that matter.

Another Modern Filipina follows this up saying she’d spend more time walking outside, visiting parks, and going out with her parents. These are some of the seemingly irrelevant things we took for granted before most of our movements got restricted.

But don’t let the pandemic get you down.

We’re getting closer to the availability of a vaccine. You’re one step closer to finally doing all these things and making many more great changes to your life. For now, wear a mask and hang in there!

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