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A Fruitful Staycation for Holy Week 2017: What’s Your Game Plan?

A Fruitful Staycation for Holy Week 2017: What’s Your Game Plan?

Reading at the Beach
Reading at the Beach
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Holy Week 2017 is a few days away, and it’s the super long weekend we’ve all been waiting for.

With four days off, everyone’s got their own plans. For some Modern Filipinas, it’s a time of spiritual reflection – visita iglesia with the family, pabasa ng pasyon with lolas, lolos, titos, and titas, and watch the re-enactment of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Others use the short vacation for a beach getaway. It’s all about sand, surf, and the sun. But if you’re like me, you are most likely not going anywhere.

If you’re on a Holy Week staycation, don’t worry. I’ve spent majority of my staycations watchingspecials on local channels (they had Barbie movie marathons!) and reading a couple of books. Today, we have the Internet so we kill time by browsing, playing games, and liking cat videos.

But if you want to do more, don’t just sit there fidgeting with your mobile phone.

Here’s a game plan:

Watch ALL. Eat ALL.

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This is my idea of relaxation: watching re-runs of my favorite series and eat all the food that I want.

If you’ve been complaining about missing out on Riverdale or your Korean dramas, now is the time to catch up on ALL of them. Remember, you have four days off – that’s more than enough time to watch the series that you love (unless you have way too many on your to-do list).

Complement this activity with food – because it makes everything better.

Since shops are closed on Maundy Thursday and Black Friday, best to buy your comfort food the day before.

Re-Connect with People

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“But I re-connect with people every day! How is this even a suggestion?”

Hear me out.

During normal work days, we barely get to talk intimately with friends and family. Sure, you share a drink or two after the 8-hour work shift, but you have to be home early because you have work tomorrow. When you arrive from work, you’re too tired to chat with Mom, Dad, or the siblings, choosing to tinker with the phone instead.

You have four days to spend. Choose this time to hang out with the people you wish to re-connect or build stronger relationships with. If they are not on vacation, invite them over and have a good chat.

It’s better than just sitting there, simmering under the summer heat, and doing nothing. Trust me.

SLEEP. Seriously.

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“How is sleep fruitful? You just sleep!”

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Balancing work with life can be draining. After meetings and deadlines, you have to deal with family, office, and relationship drama. Sometimes, you just want to hit the pause button and make it all stop.

Well, here’s your chance.

You have the license to sleep all day. You’ve lost too much energy trying to catch up with your boss and the deadlines. Girl, you deserve this.

The heat can be unbearable, so crank up the A/C and start snoozing.

Personal Reflection Matters

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Use the time to also reflect – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This Holy Week is the pause you need to reflect on life in general. Just spend some time alone and think about your purpose and passion. If you’ve been itching to think about your take on certain aspects in life, lock yourself away for a moment and pray or reflect – whatever you want.

Holy Week 2017 doesn’t have to be boring for the staycationer. Spend your week doing these suggestions and you’ll come back to work fresh, relaxed, and maybe even happier.

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