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The Most Romantic Movie Scenes in the Rain

The Most Romantic Movie Scenes in the Rain

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Some of the best, most romantic tearjerkers in movies took place in the rain. Bleak as it is, it’s a timeless trope that gives off an emotional punch that you won’t get in a sun-drenched scene. In horror movies, rain serves as a portent of awful things to come. But in the genre of love, it’s the ultimate symbol of uncontrollable passion.

But while cinema has had an illustrious history of rain scenes, there’s been only a handful that sent us weeping buckets . . . again and again.

In homage to the rainy season, we’ve rounded up the most romantic, waterlogged scenes in movies. If you haven’t been living in a cave, you’ve probably seen them all. If not, then you have yourself a binge-watch list when you’re stuck indoors this weekend. You’re welcome!

1. Cast Away – “You have to go home.”

If there’s anything more heartbreaking than Chuck screaming out to Wilson as the ball slowly drifts out of sight, it’s this. Chuck has survived four years on a deserted island and returned home, but now has to accept the fact that the woman he swam a tempestuous ocean for is no longer his. After a brief, dramatic smooch in the rain and an ominous unspoken exchange scene inside the car, Chuck eventually let Kelly go and drove her back to her family. Hand me a box of Kleenex!

2. Four Weddings and a Funeral – “Will you not marry me?”

The memorable finale of this timeless British film favorite takes place in the rain, making it even more memorable. Some say it’s cringe-worthy and unbearably cheesy, but who doesn’t want that every now and then? Especially if there’s a soaked, bumbling Hugh Grant involved. After all, love, at times, can be like a torrential thunderstorm.

3. Titanic – Arrival in New York

This scene in Titanic is pretty much a cooling down period from all the intense and jarring events that passed. But it warrants more appreciation, given that it’s the next big leap and an act of courage Rose took after escaping an unwanted engagement. It’s depressing and all, because Jack could have possibly fit in that dresser, but it’s nice to have this scene tell us that Rose is set to live her life to the fullest, with the memory of Jack etched in her heart forever.

4. Garden State – The Infinite Abyss

Hipster movies have their fair share of cliché kissing scenes, too. And I won’t have them any other way. The smooching scene is short but sweet, with our two protagonists (Andrew and Sam) declaring their love for each other (without saying much, as it should in Indie pop films) before puckering up as raindrops fall.

And Tom Petty in the background? Perfection.

5. The Notebook – It’s Not Over

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This list wouldn’t be complete without this unforgettable, Nicholas Sparks-signature kissing scene in The Notebook, when Allie and Noah realize that nothing is over between them. It’s the most satisfying turn after all the lost time, yearning for each other.

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6. The Garden of Words – “Will you stay with me?”

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Japanese animated films are quite known for their exquisite use of rain. In the Garden of Words, rain is more than a device; it’s a force that binds the main characters together. Here, a troubled woman and pensive man spend quiet mornings together and fall in love in a Japanese garden. There isn’t much talking involved, just the faint clap of thunder, beautiful piano blending with raindrops, and the sound of two souls intertwining.

Honorable Mentions:

Spider-Man – The Upside-Down Kiss

Singin’ in the Rain – “Dancing in the rain. I’m happy again.”

Adventureland – “I just got off the bus. I’m a New Yorker now.”

A Cinderella Story – “Sorry I waited for the rain.”

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