Let’s face it (oops! I didn’t mean to make a pun that early): we all want smooth, radiant, and healthy skin, but without having to spend a fortune on countless beauty products out in today’s market. While great skin doesn’t happen overnight, it can be achieved without you spending a single thing. Here are five skin care tips that can help make your skin look and feel like a million dollars, for free.

A – Avoid Too Much Sun

Years of unprotected sun exposure can lead to a variety of skin anomalies, such as fine freckles and areas of discoloration called brown spots. Although important because it helps the body synthesise Vitamin D; too much sunlight, just like anything in excess, will do more harm than good. Wear hats or use umbrellas to lessen sun exposure, avoid tanning salons, and as what our dear mothers always tell us: take on the habit of applying that indispensable product that is sunscreen. Don’t argue. Mothers know best.

B – Bed Rest

The less sleep we get, the more our will body produce the stress hormone called cortisol. In excess amounts, cortisol can age the skin and even cause acne. Lack of sleep can also cause sallow skin and puffy eyes, and in the long run, lead to lackluster skin and dark circles. Inversely, getting enough sleep will decrease the secretion of cortisol andgive the skin time to rejuvenate. Plus, you’ll get to wake up from your beauty sleep with brighter, more luminous skin to boot!

ABCDs (and E) on How to Get Healthy Skin Without Spending a Single Thing

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C – Clean Hands

Washing your hands is the single most effective way to avoid the transfer of microorganisms from one surface to another. These surfaces include your face (you can remove your hand from under your chin now). Proper hand hygiene is also very important since our skin is the top barrier from infections. Aside from your hands, it’s also a good idea to start sanitizing the stuff that touches your face frequently. Yes, I’m talking about your smartphone.

ABCDs (and E) on How to Get Healthy Skin Without Spending a Single Thing

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D – Diet

Although very true for the whole body, the old adage “You are what you eat” rings the truest for the largest organ of our body, the skin. Nourishing the skin on the outside (though very important) isn’t enough, and it needs various nutrients for it to remain in tip-top condition. Try adding antioxidant-rich foods to your diet – tea, blueberries, and dark green leafy vegetables. The deeper and richer the color, the better. These help fight off free radicals that can cause damage to the skin and accelerate its aging. Hydration is also very important since our bodies are made up of approximately 65% water. Also, avoid drinking alcohol and consuming too much caffeine since these will dehydrate your body a lot, too. You wouldn’t want to end up looking all shriveled now, wouldn’t you?

ABCDs (and E) on How to Get Healthy Skin Without Spending a Single Thing

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E – Exercise

Exercise purges out toxins than can cause clogged pores, which in turn may lead to acne and blemishes. It also raises your heart rate, improves oxygenation, and your overall circulation. And if that isn’t enough, you will also end up with a natural, beautiful glow that will make you feel good about yourself, keeping those frown lines at bay. After all, great skin looks way better when it is topped off by an even greater smile!

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