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Praying for a Hair and Skin Care Miracle: I Tried Black Mud Beauty Items

Praying for a Hair and Skin Care Miracle: I Tried Black Mud Beauty Items

Dead Sea black mud miracle: is it legit?
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I take skin care and hair care seriously.

During my high school days, I suffered from acne on my face and shoulders, plus frizzy and stubborn hair. College was a lot better since I became more proactive in caring for my skin and hair. When I started making my own money, I would invest in tried-and-tested items that would keep my skin and hair in good, if not the best, condition.

I’m the basic kind of girl, though. I’m not the first one to experiment with new skin care and hair care trends unless I’m familiar with them or a friend recommends it. So when the Modern Filipina team told me I’d be using Dead Sea black mud products for my hair and skin, I was all, “Wait, what now?”

First Things First: What is Dead Sea Black Mud?

Prior to the experiment, I googled Dead Sea black mud to see what the internet has to say about this odd (well, in my opinion) beauty ingredient.

The Dead Sea, the Middle East’s famous saltwater lake, sits between Jordan and Israel. This body of water’s features — which includes the fact that the lake has the lowest sea level compared to other bodies of water — enrich the surrounding mud and silt with a unique combination of minerals, like sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

My research also revealed that people use black mud to treat health conditions ranging from back pain to psoriasis.

With those achievements in the Dead Sea black mud’s bag, I decided to give it a try. I used Jericho Cosmetics’ Black Mud Shampoo and Sea of Spa’s Mud Soap to see if “black’s” going to be really good for my skin and hair.

Here’s what happened.

Black Mud Shampoo: Better Hair or Nah?

Before I tried the shampoo, my hair was like this:

A little dull and dry like the weather
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It’s a combination of curly and straight, plus a little dry since I color my hair every six months. Also, it can get a tad bit oily when I don’t use shampoo every day (apparently, it’s bad for your scalp). Dandruff is my best friend also. So when I read that Jericho’s Black Mud Shampoo is perfect for oily and irritated scalp, I was looking forward to it.

Black Mud Shampoo contains ingredients that will cleanse and soothe your scalp
Photo from Jericho Cosmetics

According to the label, the product offers the following benefits:

  • Active black mud and Dead Sea minerals, which effectively cleanse and soothe your scalp
  • Also contains other minerals that relieve symptoms due to dandruff, as well as revitalize the hair roots
  • Includes Lavender extract, Vitamins B&E, and Germanium Oil to keep your hair and scalp fresh and healthy
  • Paraben-free

I tried the product for a week or two, religiously following it up with tons of conditioner (aka the lifesaver for dry hair). The shampoo has a slightly strong smell, but it feels refreshing once you apply and it starts lathering. Unlike other shampoos, it’s not sudsy or foamy (apparently, sulfate soaps make your hair dull) so that’s a good thing.

Here’s what happened after I tried it out:

My hair smelled good, but the shampoo left it a bit dry
Photo from the writer

The shampoo makes my hair smell good, and it does keep the scalp fresh and clean. However, my hair was still a little dry. I guess it’s some sort of give-and-take situation. I can accept the dryness though since the dandruff situation calmed down for a bit.

Black Mud Soap: Smooth Skin Forever?

Can a small Black Mud Soap relieve me of itchy skin?
Photo from the writer

Dead Sea mud soap is special due to its ability to address a variety of skin concerns. So I was also excited to try out Sea of Spa’s Black Mud soap, which claims to:

  • Detoxify the skin. The Dead Sea mud can remove harmful bacteria, dirt, oils, and particles from your skin. It gets rid of dead skin cells and reduces skin impurities — all thanks to the magnesium and salt in the mud.
  • Get rid of acne. Say goodbye to breakouts with this product. Dead Sea mud has an antimicrobial effect on acne-causing bacteria that live on your skin.
  • Minimize your pores.Unwelcome toxins will remain unwelcome with black mud. It keeps away toxins from your skin, which lowers your risk of acne, infection, or rashes.

I am prone to rashes, especially when I’m stressed. It’s not obvious in the photo below, but I also experience a few breakouts (especially when PMS season is here).

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Photo from the writer

The soap, just like the shampoo, has a slightly strong scent that can be intimidating yet refreshing at the same time. I switched my regular soap with this one for two weeks and felt a difference.

The soap felt a little drying while I was using it. But afterward, it felt cleaner. I still had a few breakouts and little rashes, but they were surprisingly kept at bay. The Dead Sea minerals must have kicked in and stopped the itch from happening.

This is what my skin looked like after:

A bit clearer, to be honest.

The Bottom Line

Both the shampoo and the soap did what they claimed to do, but they did leave my hair and skin dry. Of course, like any skin and hair care product, the results will vary with different people. So talk to your dermatologist first before picking up a couple of black mud products.

Still, if you’re after a luxurious bath and the benefits of the Dead Sea, you’re in for a treat when you include these products in your daily pampering.

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